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    nOOb In Florida. Prepping for the inevitable collapse of our fiat currency. 😯


    New to MINNESOTA, but a veteran of the American Preppers Network. I’ve logged 7.5 years active Air Force as an avionics technician (F-15) and 2.5 years Army National Guard as a Communications Specialist. I’m the father of four boys and am married. My specialty is writing technical manuals for the U.S. military.
    Our family co-habitates with another family of 5 who are also of like-mind. What this means is I have a lot to learn about hunting and gathering while the time still allows. I live in the south-central part of MN, just below St. Paul. It gets horribly cold here, so survival isn’t just a fad. I am looking for those who are interested in sharing their skills (i.e., ice-fishing, hunting (deer, geese, duck, turkey, and setting traps). These are critical skills in this part of the country and I’d like someone who is only genuinely serious about helping my family through the teaching of these skills.
    Everything about this country will soon change for the worse. I want to work with a network of trusted people to discuss setting up safe-houses, sharing resources/skills, and survival skills for large families. Any suggestions are appreciated.


    Welcome aboard texasken, jaydee1445, and BeachOp1. Nice credentials. Looking forward to hearing more from all of you. Be sure to ask if you have any questions.


    Hello everybody! Just wanted to introduce myself. I have been prepping the last two years for my family up here in massachusetts for what i assume everyone here knows is coming. I am just beginning to branch out and find others like myself because as cliche as it sounds “united we stand, divided we fall”. I have been able to come to the realization with one of my best friends about the state of our society on the brink right now and he has begun prepping himself. I am still looking for other preppers in massachusetts to go to meetings, take survivalist courses, etc. I’m just very glad there are others out there like myself that are preparing to be the beacons of light in the darkness that lays ahead of our nation.


    From Metro-East Illinois. aka The Peoples Republic of Illinois.
    Threats for area I anaticipate = Earthquake, Economic Collapse, Tornado, Political Collapse, Armed Inserrection, the Unknown. Not necessarily in any particular order.
    Have been stocking up and prepping. Now seriously considering BOL, and self sufficiency.
    Am retired so have plenty of time, very little money.


    Greetings texasken, jaydee1445, BeachOp1, MinuteMassMan and vn6869 (and any others I may have missed) .. and welcome to APN! Make sure you stop by your state forum to say a quick howdy .. and jump in where and when you can since we’re all in this together. 🙂 itsa


    Greetings all from Arkansas , & its Dec. so merry x-mas to all also !! I’m very new in finding out other people are intrested in prepping.
    However, Living where I do, I hunt & fish alot , Love shooting sports , IDPA , USPSA, and have extensive skydiving training , including
    B.A.S.E. training,, This just seemed to be really fun and a great life insurance policy for one’s self and family. Hoping to get some good info here.
    Thanks… Nice to meet ya ,, BLUE SKIES .. arjumper


    :thumbsup: There is great hope in these difficult times and in the more difficult and painful times ahead. Please visit my ministry site at
    Blessings! Stay Safe!
    Bill & Dina


    @EZprepFoods wrote:

    :thumbsup: There is great hope in these difficult times and in the more difficult and painful times ahead. Please visit my ministry site at
    Blessings! Stay Safe!
    Bill & Dina

    Welcome aboard, You must be a new sponsor member for APN……. I love your sales site, it is an awesome ministry for selling food products…..
    What type of discounts will you be offering our members and gold members????
    What do you charge for shipping?
    Do you offer gluten free, organic or specialty food in bulk?


    I found out about you by listening to The Power Hour.
    I have lived in either a van or a truck sleeper since the mid 80’s.
    Now I combine those experiences by working as a driveaway operator, moving trucks as cargo, and using my tow vehicle, a van, as my home and transportation.
    My domicile is in Gillette, Wyoming, but that is mostly to keep TPTB happy by providing a street address. I pick up my snail mail when I get through there.
    I practice the van variant of Rayo’s vonu philosophy.



    Greetings from Tucson Arjumper, Bill & Dina and Bill (aka vonu) .. and welcome to APN! Sounds like you all will fit in perfectly here and, with your experiences .. can teach us some things too..! 🙂 itsa


    Thanks for the welcome. We have been prepping for a little while now and we have alot more to do. We have just under 15 ac. in central Indiana,(It is part of the farm that I grew up on) The land if fenced with two wells and a creek. My wife of 26 years is an emergency Room RN and I have a farm backround among other things. I worry about where our country is going and I look forward to getting to know all of you and hearing your views on whatever! I may be asking for help from time to time and I will try to help others if I can. Thanks again and God bless.


    Hi Everyone, newbie here. I have been prepping forover a year, getting ready for the inevitable. I have a background in veterinary medicine, animal science, and food science. I come from a baking family (my Dad had a bakery when we were growing up). Got my concealed carry permit last year. Located in Western Connecticut.
    Looking forward to some lively discussion!

    Fran 🙂


    welcome fran and everyone else that joined this week!

    looking forward to getting some info on field baking! 🙂

    and i have chickens…so i might be picking your brain 🙂

    anyway welcome to the family!


    New membewr here, hwg1952, retired NYC civil servant, prepping about 2 years now, NRA Certified Instructor in handgun, rifle, shotgun and refusr to be a victim. Hope to learn more from more experienced people on here. NEPA location
    Stay Well, and watch your six!

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