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    Hi Folks,

    Hello to everyone in Prepper Land. We are in the upper peninsula of Michigan, near the Wisconsin border. We have a small farm, and believe that prepping is fun! Even if we didn’t think that the nation/world is on the brink of chaos, we’d still be preppers. It’s very rewarding living off the land, and creating a more independent, self sufficient lifestyle. Our livestock, garden, wildlife, etc. are a wonderful blessing, and we are very happy to be here.

    I am originally from the Deep South, but you couldn’t drag me away from our place out in the boonies of the U.P. Forest. My wife is from Racine, Wisconsin. All of her family is from up here, so that’s what led to us moving here from the Smokey Mtns. of E. Tennessee.

    We raise Oberhasli dairy goats, chickens, guineas, honey bees, and a few “not-so-wild” deer that show up rountinely that my wife calls my fan club. We’re already planning on expanding the garden area, and fencing in another pasture for the critters. Each year is a new opportunity to move closer to our dreams.

    We have a small community of (currently) four families in our area. If you feel led, give me a shout. There are currently lotsa places up for sale on our road. If you love the Lord and our Country, you’d be welcome to join us.

    Take care, and God Bless!

    Firstfruits Farm


    welcome Yooper!




    Hello, myscreen name is Sushicat. I am in Oregon, near portland right now. Moving into a modified 1968 Shasta Compact 11′ travel trailer. 1 year of food under the full sized bed. Water pumps in many styles. Reinforced trailer. Living in it with 2 cats. City life is killing me. Sick of being sick. Unhappy with being unhappy all the time. Practiced prepping so well, I saved & got a cheap “old” trailer, and rebuilt it into a “vintage” antique trailer. I like the old models. They have style. No fiberglass. This is a rare model, too. $515 for trailer, $2K to rebuild, remodel, and reinforce it for long term living. 2 months xpenses to save %60 of my future income each month. Best of all, it is mine! Less crap. Mobile. Ready to dig in.

    Usually have 2-3 years of food prepped. Gave away some to fit in trailer. Easy to rebuild pantry. More dried meats stored in salt. Lasts forever. Pickled meat in salsa for dried beans lasts a long time too.

    I’m a partially disabled person who is getting screwed out of SSD since I’m not quite dead enough yet. The only way to survive is to prep, and stay alive. It has already begun for me. Either the world ends, or you end from the inside.

    My other life involves being in the media as one of the most tattooed people on the planet. Much media attention. Eccentrics like me do not belong in cities. :gunsmile: :gunshooting: :cursing: 😮 :help: :thumbdown:


    welcome sushicat!


    welcome sushicat! from CT




    @dtracker wrote:


    New here, obviously.

    Looking to learn and then hopefully at some point be able to share.

    Christian family of 6, we homeschool and are trying to prep on a serious budget. Seems like we will never have enough as we just started. The financial need to be moderately ready is insurmountable, but we press on.

    Dtracker in Oregon

    Hello and welcome to the Forums.. We are in the same boat..But God is Gracious and seeing us through. This is a very Good place to be . I have been here two years now, but only active since recently.. I would love for you to Visit The Christian Forums area and share your Story.. City


    Hello everyone, we just got started about four months ago and just love all the great info posted by users who walk the walk. I’m a retired Air Force KC-135 Boom Operator and my wife is a retired stay at home mom.
    We live in Las Vegas, Nevada and hope to meet other like minded preppers.


    welcome wcallahan


    Welcome to the forum!


    Hi everybody from Wisconsin :thumbup: I’ve been prepping for about 2 years now but I’m still behind on where I should be. There’s so much great information here…thanks everyone for sharing it here. Looking forward to “meeting” other peppers.


    welcome ezrablu


    Hi all,
    I lurked around here trying to decide if I wanted to stay. Gman wrote me a nice note and I figured I owed it to him to try it out longer. So here goes. I am a Very dedicated Christian walking in the Old Paths as stated in Jeremiah . I have had a Back to the land dream since I was a Child and never got to do it because Life kind of catches up to you and you look back and say hell where did it go. Finding yourself old and burned out. I’m retired and living on SS which limits me in buying everything I need to prep. I heard about your group from Cityhomesteader and decided to check it out. I have a Lot to learn .. Just saying hi took a lot because I’m a lone wolf.. Don’t socialize and will probably drop off the face of the earth as soon as I can. People are going to hell in a hand basket and you can’t trust them, is what I have learned in my life. Thank you Gman for extending a hand of kindness..Hope I don’t let you down. Are there any rules I need to follow to just stay here and read?


    hey Pathseeker!!!! glad you posted!! Do you still do the Christian homestead forums on

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