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    :clap: Glad to realize that there are others with the foresight to prepare! Looking forward to learning from each of your experiences that made you a successful prepper.

    Chuck from Beautiful Del Rio, TN


    welcome aboard!


    Howdy from Madison County, VA. I’ve been “getting Ready” for a few years now. Glad to find APN. I am blessed with owning 20 acres of woods and rocks in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mtns. I’m also blessed that I grew up on a farm, raised by parents who were young people during the Great Depression. I think that I was around the age of 15 when I found out that not only were we not destitute, but we were probably one of the more “better off” people in the whole county. My folks were always scared to death that it was going to happen again, so we lived in a constant state of “prepping”.

    My mother always said that all of that hard work would pay off one day. We live in an area where “prepping” isn’t so much a lifestyle as it is a normal part of life. Out here, everyone has a garden, always have had one. Enough people raise chickens that you could get by without any of your own cause you can trade for them, or go buy them. Everybody has a wood stove for heat, some still have a cookstove. We live in the woods, killing deer is almost necessary if you want anything out of that garden, tomatoes are the only thing that I know of that a deer won’t eat. Not to worry though, groundhogs, coons and bears love them.

    My property is the top of a hill, all woods and rocks so there is no pasture. My neighbors on either side do have pasture so it would be no problem for me to graze cows, horses, etc. there. Since we have so much browse, I’m looking into a small goat operation. As we do have such an abundance of wood, I installed an outdoor wood furnace this past summer. It heats our 5000 sf home without problem and heats all the hot water. I will probably include the greenhouse in the loop this summer.

    The greenhouse is 200 sf, 10×20, I built it 3 years ago. We raise all of the vegetable and flower plants we use on the place, and our excess plants are easy to sell. Since I’ve added San Marzano tomatoes from Italy and Piquello peppers from Spain, all of my excess plants have been sold in advance. I’ve been raising New Zealand White rabbits for meat for the last 3-4 years or so. I keep 10 does and two bucks. The “excess protein” is unbelievably east to sell. It brings over $5USD per pound from a distributer now. I have a guy the comes in twice a month and takes everything that I want to sell. I get $10USD each, live. I don’t have to process them.

    If I could offer only one piece of advice to people prompted to prepare themselves, it would be to develop a comprehensive plan. Try not to look at buying food, supplies, and other equipment as spending money as much as it is divesting your self of a currency that is going to quickly become nearly worthless. Turn you $USD’s into food, gold, silver, supplies, medicine, arms & ammunition, machinery, equipment, education, etc. These are commodities that will only become more valuable as you depend on them more. It’s also good to know who your neighbors are, you will have to be able to deal with each other for good or ill. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, tell anyone that you have anything stashed anywhere, unless you don’t mind either having to invite them in or kill them when they show up at your door, with a few of their friends, when the excrement collides with the turbine.

    Well, I just meant to say hello, sorry I got so long winded.


    welcome to the forums to all the new folks


    Hello from Northeast Fl. New to this site and prepping in general.


    @preppergal wrote:

    Hello from Northeast Fl. New to this site and prepping in general.

    hello Prepper gal Welcome!!!


    Glad to have found this forum. I am a 57 year old that was raised on a farm. I got away from that self-seficient life many years ago. I’m trying to get back to the way I was raised. Looking forward to hearing from others that give me some good advice for getting back to a better life not depending on my food coming from store. And from people that believe more like I do. The people I try to talk to around me think I have lost it and make jokes about me trying to put up food and supplies and not trusting our goverment. This is the best place to live but we have lost so many freedoms I am afraid for my daughter. I have had a good life and grew up enjoying life and freedom. She will soon be 18 and never had to go threw hard times. With restriction that they are trying put on us.


    Hello all, I just joined. I should say right away, I’m an Aussie girl. I’m hoping non-Americans can still participate!?

    I’m here because of the lack of prepping info where I come from. I’m practically the only non-sheep’erson/potential prepper that I know. If I’m not, they would have to be hiding it well. It’s probably the same where you are, but here, anyone openly preparing for some future armageddon would be considered straight-jacket material. I guess that’s why one doesn’t do it “openly” as such.

    I’m hoping to learn about preparation in order to reduce my SHTF stress levels. I have come late to prepping and feel woefully, um, unprepared! I’m sure if I really thought about it, I’m more prepared than I think, yadda, yadda, but still nowhere near enough.

    I have recent SHTF experience of an entire first world city flooding (Brisbane), with the associated panic buying, scary shortages, no transport and how the aftermath went/is going down. I’ve learned a lot from it. If I wrote an article about it, I’m sure you’d be nodding emphatically about all the predictable behaviour, the items that disappeared from the shops first, and how the community pulled together, with the exception of a few low-life looters.

    Anyhow, I know nothing, compared to most of you. I humbly seek your counsel and am interested in your stories. :thumbup:
    ISYN. xx


    welcome aussie girl! 🙂 you are most welcome here.

    this site is full of useful info and we would love to hear about your experiences down under. Looking forward to hearing your stories and helping you on your road to being prepared (as much as any of us can be)!

    check out the prepping basics here. viewforum.php?f=616

    be sure to ask any questions you have. the only dumb question is the one that isnt asked 🙂 :clap:


    @I [stateyourname] wrote:

    If I’m not, they would have to be hiding it well. It’s probably the same where you are, but here, anyone openly preparing for some future armageddon would be considered straight-jacket material. I guess that’s why one doesn’t do it “openly” as such.

    Welcome to the forums. I just thought to add: Around here many preppers have found that non-preppers tend to invite themselves, in the event of disaster, when they find out about your preps. To help eat all of your food you know.


    Hi Aussie Girl,
    I am fairly new here myself. I have been to Australia, Freemantle, near Perth. Loved it.

    This is a good place to learn things.



    Hey guys, glad I finally joined. Have used website several times and really would like to find more liked minded people in my area. It’s hard being a newbie, so much to do and so little time (joke). Hopefully I can learn alot and break away from the so called normal peoples way of thinking. I want freedom weather it be from debt, society or any other materialistic needs. And self reliance, that is my most important goal. I live on the west side of metro Atlanta and wish I was a little farther out. So I’m off to explore this site and it’s topics. Hope to hear back from people in my area.


    Rach2warr welcome of the south side of the ATL. Please check us out on the Georgia forum. We have a fairly active group with meetings and activities planned. Please feel free to join in, you will be more than welcome.

    mr bill

    Hey Rach2, Welcome from the Athens area.


    I just learned about this site from the MIllers Grain Store Radio show tonight. Been looking for a group like this. I live north of Pittsburgh PA and hope to network with others in my region who deal with the same weather, soil, etc. I am also looking for “like minded” people regarding our country’s sad state of affairs. God Bless this country and all it’s faults.

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