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    That’s awesome KittenBites … loved the “barf” part! 😀


    @cityhomesteader wrote:

    Hey Kittenbites!! Welcome… cool that your kids are doing medical procedures LOL

    lol I’ve always been vitally interested in medicine, both Western traditional and what we consider ‘alternative’ styles. I get so excited when my kids show aptitude and interest in real skills. Z (my 7 yo) has a hard time remembering things BUT she is picking this up very quickly and with real intent. It doesn’t hurt that her dad is always a willing ‘victim’ (or tea party invitee, makeup palette, doll playmate)…6’4″, built like a mac truck but anything for his baby!



    Just wanted to say hi from Michigan. Hear to learn as much as possible, Thanks for a wonderful site!


    @csolivais1979 wrote:

    Just wanted to say hi from Michigan. Hear to learn as much as possible, Thanks for a wonderful site!

    Welcome, there is a lot to see here. Remember we all started at square one. 🙂


    Hello all! I’m lil ol’ prepper here in Pittsburgh, PA. I wouldn’t say I’m a complete newbie, but I know there is still A LOT of skills that I need to learn, if and when things go south with a quickness. I guess my next step is to sign up on the PA network, but if you read this and you’re local, drop me a line!


    New West Texas prepper here. Been preparing for about a year or so. This topic is so vast, I’m glad to be here to learn more about prepping. I’ve mainly been getting food stored, got my CHL and work on my shooting skills, acquired some alternative cooking oven, and storing propane. Working on communications and some other things. Moving forward one baby step at a time. Thanks for the welcome.


    welcome to all the new folks!!!


    Hello from NW ohio. I am expanding on my garden this year and canning for the first time. My garden is going to be atleast 3 time the size from years past. I am going to be talking to other people on my country road to see if they have thought of doing the same thing and if they need help. I have already bought guns to protect what I have if things get real bad. Looking forward to chatting with other preppers.


    Im finally fleeing Chicagoland after living here my whole life for East Tennessee, Im looking forward to moving to the USA :clap:


    LOL on the “moving to the USA” I escaped back in 93…

    Welcome new members!


    new guy from ne ohio i have been lurking for a while decided to join.


    I’m looking forward to participating in this forum. I live on the Alabama Gulf Coast, and with hurricane season is coming up all too soon, prepping for my family’s safety is never far from my thoughts.

    I’m ready to learn, and help others if I can. Before I retired, I was a Park Ranger with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. I have some expertise in hazardous material spill response, radiological defense, environmental compliance and facility security.



    New member here (been watching for a while). I am a resident in the northern Midwest. I and my family are seeking to become as self sufficient and prepared for any aspect of coming emergencies possible. I am not as prepared as I would like but further along I think than everyday public. I hope to garner more information through groups such as this one. Thanks for the opportunity to learn more.


    wow welcome to the forums to all the New folks…from CT


    Greetings from ‘zona to all our new members .. and welcome to APN!! 🙂 itsa

Viewing 15 posts - 541 through 555 (of 1,277 total)
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