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    Greetings Steve, tgp42rhr, smag66 and refugee .. and welcome to you all..!!! Sounds like all of you have great knowledge and skills so look forward to reading more as you get comfy and settled in here. 🙂 itsa


    yo preppers whats up,

    dont know a whole lot about prepping use to live off the land in hawaii but now in a shtf enviroment, i feel im going to learn a few things here… 🙂


    @blackngold wrote:

    yo preppers whats up,

    dont know a whole lot about prepping use to live off the land in hawaii but now in a shtf enviroment, i feel im going to learn a few things here… 🙂

    Welcome blackngold, there is a lot of material here and good people to help. You should also check out your state forum and ANTS, there is a lot of safety in numbers of like minded people.


    Hello from Michigan. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to prepping after reading The Stand (yeah, I know) this winter and after the recent natural disasters. Reading stories of people standing in line for hours for a bit of food that might have radiation, living without power and water, in it basically scares the crap out of me. If disaster were to strike soon I would not be ready and I really need to be since I do have a small child. I’m working on getting my husband on board (he has a demanding job and doesn’t want to think about disaster) and am planning a garden for this year. I’m glad to find a community that gets it and doesn’t think I’m just a nutter.


    :wave: Welcome aboard to all new APN members…


    Hello From Arizona!!!

    We are kind of new to prepping and basically started December 2010. We are just trying to learn as much as we can as quickly as we can because it’s a bit bonkers in the world. In a perfect world we would already be holed up in an earthship with steel shutter windows (sigh)…but in the real world we do what we can. We like to call it Food, Firearms and FirstAid…I’ve met a lot of fantastic folks in the preppers chat and I’m very glad to be here and I feel grateful to have met such knowledgable and helpful folks. My forte is really cooking and firstaid, the fiance deals with everything else – you might have seen him on the APN blog – he’s Afroprepper –


    I can’t believe it took me this long to find this network!I have been entering the wrong search words apparently. Since becoming a family man a few years back I abandoned my so-called “survivalist” preparation for the single guy. I find I need to start working on preparedness even more now with a wife and two young children, just a different kind of focus now.
    Really great to see a definition that fits me much better..”Prepper”! I dig it! My wife and I are just starting out for our new family and I really appreciate the tone and demeanor of your forums and networks that I have seen so far. Thanks! Looking forward to reading all this new information.


    Welcome to all the new Members!!!
    There is such a need in these trying times for Community and a place to ask questions.. American Preppers Network is a great place and hopefully you will find us all as Helpful as I have since becoming involved here!
    I came as a green newbie without a Clue, and now I feel Slightly Less green and like I can handle what comes around in daily life a lot better. There are Many folks here that are Very caring and Helpful, I hope you find your Mentors in prepping here as I have.. Bruce


    Greetings blackngold, scholastica, ImmaChef (and AP!) and Zaph .. and welcome to APN!! As Bruce and others have said .. tons of information here and wonderful peeps to help so don’t hesitate to ask if you need help finding something. And jump in where and when you all can since we’re all in this together! 🙂 itsa


    Hello Everyone,
    I’m a newbie — have been quietly doing a little prepping in my head (and in my basement/trunk/etc) but am still kind of a closet prepper.
    I’ve become intrigued with earthquake patterns since the big Honshu quake & particularly with the small quakes approaching the Yellowstone caldera. I’m wondering if there’s a forum for people who haven’t before thought of themselves as needing to prepare for ash fall are beginning to look at that possibility.
    Thanks for being a place where I can express this concern “out loud” without being considered loopy.


    welcome aboard!


    Greetings from MD,

    I look forward to a lot of good discussions. Looks like a good group of people. Where’s the best place to start? I’ve listened to a lot of Jack Spirko’s podcasts. It’s good to find another source of info plus there aren’t too many folks I feel comfortable talking about prepping with.


    I’m so glad I found my people! This is great. I look forward to learning and participating. I started prepping a couple of years ago and pray I can continue to help my family and be a blessing to others.


    Welcome to the new preppers, I hope you find what you need at APN Forums. Check out your State Forum for more local information. Glad to meet you all online.


    Aloha from Hawaii, land of beauty, land of 2000 BC– 72 hours after the ships stop coming. Been a prepper even before I knew the Preppin’ existed (today). Hawaii is something like 95% dependent on those ships for food and energy. We have good groundwater supply, but 95% of the pumping stations don’t have backup power.

    A little bit of prep can go a long way, glad to be here.

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