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    Hi all. While I may be a newbie to this forum, I am by no means a survival novice. My experience started as a Boy Scout and then Police Explorer in El Paso Texas. The desert was a great classroom and I learned what plants to eat (prickly pear pie is wonderful) and what critters are edible (rattlesnake really does taste like chicken). During my time in the USAF, I was fortunate enough to take a survival course and I carried all my education into my life as a police officer, deputy sheriff and even state rescue squad director and EMA rep. Disaster response is in my blood and now I feel the disaster is nearing my own doorsteps. I truly hope that all of my preparations (and yours too) are never called upon, but if they are, I am reasonably sure that I an my family will not only survive but thrive as well.

    I really appreciate this opportunity to be a part of the preppers network and look forward to working with my fellow preppers here in Alabama.


    Hello All, My Sn is 6Actual. I am a survivalist and a prepper. while I am new to the forums I am experienced in survival and prepping. My experience started with scouts, and then later in life moved into the United States Army (Infantry). I have read many books, taken a few classes and of course always enjoyed being in the outdoors.
    I also have a new you tube channel where I am helping pass on my knowledge and expertise If you are involved with you tube stop by.

    I am located around Ft.Benning Ga, I am happy to be joining this forum.

    Happy Prepping,


    Welcome 6 Actual from south ATL. I’m a retired Infantry NCO, with my share of time on Kelly Hill. Can’t say I miss it alot. Hope to see you on the Georgia forum. You are located in Region 8 and unfortunately we don’t have alot of member down that way. We are a very active group and have monthly meeting in the Atlanta area. This month we are going to the LDS cannery and having a meet and greet after. That on Saturday the 23rd. You are welcome to attend.


    A newbie from IN stopping in to say hello.


    Thanks for the welcome. Have joined the Florida group. Excited to meet other preppers esp those in NW Florida panhandle. I see time growing short with prepping with world events, supposedly natural events. I’m a christian who sees end time event playing themselves out.

    elaine :clap:

    Alpha Squad

    Waving a hand from AZ!


    A big ol’ Arizona howdy to all our new members and welcome to APN! Hope you all have taken a moment to pop into your state forum to say hello .. several states are very active while others are kinda quiet, but it’s a way to meet some local preppers in your area if interested. Please make yourselves at home here and just know we’re all here to help each other so chime in as you can .. and holler if you have trouble finding something. 🙂 itsa


    Hello fom Illinois.

    I live in north-central Illinois. Married, no kids, carpenter and relatively new to prepping (only about 9 months of stockpiling). I’m an avid hunter, bow and firearms, as well as an avid fisherman, bowfisherman, tinkerer and self-acclaimed King of DIY’s. I can fix anything!!


    Hello, everyone! I’m girlvivalist. I’m a relatively new prepper from Georgia. I’m currently working on backyard homesteading and long-term food storage. I’m looking forward to getting to know and learning from all of you.

    Frank Butler

    Good morning fellow preppers. I have been simi serious about this since Y2K, but have recently been doing all I can to get myself and my wife setup as best as possible. We’re here in the Capital of the South, and would love to become aquainted with the fellow preppers in the area. Although I don’t consider myself religous, I do consider myself spritiual; although I don’t consider myself radical, I do consider myself concerned on many levels about the state of our Country, our economy, our Spritiuality, and our future.

    I may be able to contribute, but from what little I have seen so far, there is a wonderful bounty of information and sharing here and I thank you for providing this venue and allowing me to participate. Thank you!!


    Im am from the Blue Ridge section of NC, I have been prepping for 4 or 5 years now in earnest.Always did the canning and dry of foods.I just decided to have a longer supply of food in case of some event.I hunt – fish- trap and farm.I dont want anyone to take care of me least of all the Government and dont want them in my business.Looking forward to learning and reading your posts.Anyone have any questions for me just ask.


    Hello everyone, I am from SE Wisconsin and I am new to the prepping way of life. I have looked for prepping groups nearby that meet up on a regular basis, but can’t seem to find any. I am very worried about having enough food for my family. My son has a severe dairy allergy and a lot of the freeze dried food has dairy in it. I’m glad I found this sight and thank you for your help.


    Hi everybody,
    I am from the Great state of Arkansas! I have been very uneasy for a couple of years now.But I could not put my finger on my growing anxiety. Nothing has happened to me Personally. But to my children,neighbors, co-workers etc. Job Loss, un-atainable medical services unless you have cash.
    Anyway, busy hands are happy hands so, I plan, stock, read, gain knowledge, by myself sadly, but oh well, Identify your anxiety and then do something about it folks!. As a psych Nurse that is my motto.. I am sure my family and co-workers think I am crazy. but I do not care…I have been called ambitious before and survived that.. So I have been a closet prepper. WHATEVER! Actually probably my whole life!.. I came out in public today. I do not care. I will be pulling their ass out of a crack as I have done in the past. You are either a Leader or a Follower. You either have knowledge and skills or you suffer. I figured, even if I do not ever need anything in my lifetime. There have been many who do. I take care of people who cannot tke care of themselves. That is my job. Perhaps my prepping skills will not ever be for me, but for someone else. Having hosted families x 2 for several months in my home following Katrina It was very heart warming when in turn they let my oldest daughter stay with them for a few months when she was in Medical assistant school and doing her clinicals in New Orleans. So what goes around come around..Thanks for this site .I love the U.S.A.!


    Hi all, New member from NH and as another NM said, “its a little overwhelming”. I am just starting and any suggestions would be great.


    Newbie from Ohio

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