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    Deena in GA

    Another Georgian checking in. Long-time interest in preparedness and homesteading.


    Deena, welcome from south ATL. Please visit our state forum. We are a very actice gourp, and always look forward tonew members. If your in the Atlanta metro area, please try to make it to our meet and greet this Saturday in Tucker. You will find details on the state forum, and are more than welcome. What Georgia county are you in?


    Hello from Illinois.


    Howdy from Virginia. I’m fairly new to prepping, and am still learning new things, and trying to prep on a budget.



    colorado here looking to learn new things before it goes really bad. If I can help on the teaching end I will be glad to.

    Be Safe and keep on Prepen.



    Hello All! I bought myself 15 acres of land (with a springhead), and am currently built a cabin on it! I really enjoy reading all of your insights and I learn more everyday! I am looking for others in my immediate area (walking distance) to barter/trade with when the SHTF. I am thinking of adding water storage inline with my current water supply, and of course, money is in short supply. ANY ideas?
    Thanks ! HaddockPrepper Region6


    Hello, I am “Mergeri” I’m not US citizen or live in the U.S., however I am interested enough in this subject and I am here to learn from people who already have experience in this field. I hope that in time I can also give my contribution to all of you.




    Hope I’m in the right place – I just joined and wanted to say hi. My husband and I are living in Ohio currently, and are deciding whether or not to buy a home here. I hope to learn alot from you, and thank you for letting me join! 🙂


    Nice to have found Preppers.
    On our Mountain Meadows Farm near Asheville we designed our place to be off the grid for 1-2 years. In preparation for the changes now starting to manifest on this planet my wife and I have been preparing for years for ourselves and, now, for others. Considering sustainability, green conscious, organic garden food sourcing + open pollinated seeds, and a good water source, my wife and I have developed a south facing Community called Mountain Meadows of 26 lots on 58 acres just north of Asheville NC. If you think this kind of Community fits your survivalist interest then you may want to look at the website and/or contact me, Bernie, at
    🙂 🙂 Happy Prepping…………Bernie


    Greetings from southern california. I really am new to all this, but Im glad I found a network of people to learn from ^^.


    Hello all! Went to looking for a site like this today because my prepping life has been demolished by my inlaws.

    Wife and kids gone, but I won’t stop prepping for my girls, even though I am now homeless.

    Need to find common thinkers quick, my brain hurts.


    Hi, I’m new too. I enjoy the information here. Just trying to get started. Moved 3 months ago out of the city and I don’t have a clue where to begin.


    Hi, all. I’m a new recruit from the west side of the Sierras. I’ve waited far too long to start my preparations for our future, but in a sense, I’ve been preparing for years (if making lists, reading blogs, checking prep sites, combing the airwaves for current information, and worrying excessively counts for anything). Are any of you in the same boat I’m in?…Given my vocal pessimism about the state of US politics, total lack of faith in the economy, and a rampant distrust of anything said by our government, I feel like an atheist at a Baptist convention when I share my opinions with my neighbors.

    I’m tired of minding my tongue as people snicker and call me a lunatic behind my back. It is just amazing to me how clueless these folks are. They not only don’t actively search for the truth, they just plain don’t want to hear it. Zoned out and bug-eyed after endless video games, sit-coms, and the latest scandal on the Entertainment Channel, the entire population seems convinced that the good times are here to stay. I’m sorry, folks, but I think you’re in for a rude surprise!

    Anyhow, I’m looking for a dose of sanity here, and I hope I’ll find it. If I had joined sooner, perhaps I’d now be seeing some light at the end of this tunnel that isn’t a train.


    Thanks for the welcome. Am excited to find other preppers, esp. in SC.
    Have been prepping quite awhile. Hopefully, will be meeting others nearby (mid SC) who are looking for
    that all important BOL (bug out location).
    Never would have thought forming a group would be the hardest part of prepping for me. Need folks who
    have the majority of supplies in place, or working hard at it; have needed skill sets to complement the whole;
    have the temperment to get along with others (really important asset); very hard worker; and on and on.
    BTW, no land will be sold, and it will not be a democracy. Having said that, I know I need you, as much as
    you need me. Have just finished clearing areas for folks to put their living quarters, and at this time, am
    working on the costs of putting in additional well/wells, septic tanks, multi-purpose building (group kitchen/
    gathering area) with an all important basement to hold food supplies that are
    temperature sensitive. And, yes, anyone joining will have to share in the costs in all of the above, and so
    much more. Believe me, to have a place that is concealable, defendable, sustainable, and have more than
    just a rudimentary way of life takes a lot of input, including sweat equity, practicing together, sharing skills,
    as well as money.

Viewing 15 posts - 661 through 675 (of 1,281 total)
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