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    welcome aboard nastdawg and syrinx!


    Short prepper history-Bought a WaltherP22 last month and people on my 4×4 forum gave me a bad time about small cal so I bought a Public Defender and watched a few youtube vids and noticed peoples handles said Xprepper or prepperX ,so i searched prepper and now I am hooked.Now I do NOT think WROL will ever happen but I am prepping for possible unemployement or volcano lahre -I wish it was more exciting here but summers are 80 winters seldom go below 40 and NEVER below apartment complex is all 1 bedroom and armed forces NCO’s ,we are half a mile from JBLM McChord field gate so if threat is internal too bad for me but if external I am golden!thanks for having a cool prepper forum and as an avid 4×4 enthusiast I can help with ideas on bug out vehicles -caio!


    Thanks to all, My husband and I are just getting started,
    The Virginia Peddler


    offgrid7 here by referral of Erin Dakin. I heard her on from a show on . my A/O is southcentral Indiana. Been off the grid since 1996. If it is actually possible to get off the grid completely,ie,cellphone,sat internet provider,intel sats all overhead,etc. 🙂


    @redhairedgirl wrote:


    Let me first say that it is reassuring to find like-minded folks. I’ve been feeling the need to prepare for “something” out of the ordinary, that would require advance thought and planning. With all of the unusual weather patterns, the financial climate, and what’s happening over-the-pond, I don’t understand how a responsible person is unaware that preparations need to be made.

    Unfortunately, my husband thinks I’m a tad crazy at this point and that being a prepper is tantamount to being a UFO hunter searching out information on area 51…bla..bla..bla…. :cursing:

    Just so you know, I have attempted to discuss and forward web links with him. He is of the impression as long as we have weapons we’re golden. While I’m not afraid of death, I do not want to suffer and die of thurst or hunger, or worse.

    Any suggestions on experiences convincing your spouse to wake up and smell the coffee would be appreciated. In the mean time, I will prepare myself mentally and then physically. I’m 56 yrs old and realize I am not in the condition I need to be in to survive the unexpected. I plan on getting copies of documents all in one place in case of the need to “jump” and will work on getting my vehicle ready for my commutes.

    Living in the Phoenix area currently and most likely will have to hunker down and stay. Should gas stations become unavailable, I don’t want to get stuck somewhere without provisions.

    Thank you for just being here. :rolleyes: Cynthia

    I am now where you are and used to be where your husband is. I had maybe 3 days worth of food and 1 days worth of water for my wife & I and thought I was “prepared” because I had several guns and a minimum of 1,000 rounds for each of them. It really hit me how unprepared I was (and therefore my wife) when a major storm came through and knocked the power out in our area for over a week. I quickly learned just how unprepared we were, but fortunately we didn’t suffer too much. Thankfully our son had not been born yet.

    My wife and son (now 16 😯 ) both understand why I continue to restock food stores and use every bit of space possible to store food, especially canned goods, water (labeled “drinking” or “not for drinking”), etc. (we live in a 16×80′ mobile home, so space is a premium). I upgrade items as I can, i.e. a higher capacity, longer life water filter, higher quality tent, etc.

    Prepping takes time and money and can seem very daunting, if not impossible at times. I’ve found it helps me a lot to set realistic goals and not take on too much at one time. For me, I have to work on one thing at a time or else I never seem to finish anything.

    Hang in there and never give up.


    This does seem like a friendly and inviting place. I’m from northern Michigan. We garden and can but on a very small scale. We aren’t as far along in our planning as we’d like to be but we keep moving forward. I look forward to all I can learn from everyone here.


    A big welcome to all our new preppers and so glad you found us..! Tons of great data and lots of friendly folks here to help .. and please jump in when and where you can since we all learn from each other. 🙂 itsa


    Hi from Russell County, Alabama


    hello all from somerset county pa. just stopping by to see the forum. heard alot of good things about it. i am just starting prepping. Im 26 and live with my fiancee and my father.


    Hello, everyone. I just found this site/forum today and am looking forward to learnig/contributing as much as I can.

    I started prepping about 3 years ago, though we took a little over a year off, due to unemployment. My husband doesn’t really seem to “get it”; I think he thinks so long as we have some food and bottled water, we’re good to go. I feel pretty much on my own, but am glad to have found other like-minded folks.

    Good to “meet” you!


    Hi all.

    I was feeling a little lonely in my prepping so I found this forum so I could hear the “voices” of others that “get it.” My DH agrees that some type of disaster is likely in our countries future, but he isn’t interested in doing anything about it. So I am on my own trying to prepare our family of 4. Anyway, so glad to be here!


    welcome aboard to all our new prepper members!


    Hello everyone as you can see by my logon I’m Scott Smith from Arkansas, Boone County to be specific. I’ve always been sort of a survivalist but now I call my self a prepper. I have a good start on guns and ammo but just now starting to store food. I’ve been keeping several weeks of food stored for awhile in my pantry and feezer but now I’m prepping for 1-2yrs worth. I have a bug out spot in the works with shelter and water. But plan to build an off grid cabin next year.

    Thanks for letting me join the forum. I look forward to gaining alot of knowledge from you guys n gals.


    welcome Scott


    Hi Scott,

    Welcome! You’ll want to check out the food section of the forum and take a look at the “Prep Tests” which may help you with your food selections.

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