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    Welcome graymatter! Many of us here are into gardening in a big way. But we can always learn more! thanks for the link.


    @graymatter wrote:

    A Big Saaalute!, From Nash Vegas, Tn . Nice to know there are more people concerned about the potential problems that seem evidently “coming to a theater near us” in the not too distant future.
    We been discussing and planning for about 4 yrs. now, saw the banking collapse coming from a mile away. We struggle with wanting to be optimistic about ther future, however our present leaders are not interested in the “we the people” , there interested in exploiting man to their own injury.
    That’s about the jest of it for us, not afraid to tell it like it is. Mark twain once said , ” the 1st 40 yrs of a persons life creates the text, and what ever is left is the commentary ” . Well my Brothers from another Mother, we’re on the commentary.
    We are into some solutions. About 2 yrs ago I saw the need that organic gardening was going to develope into, so we decided to make a planters bible ;so to speak , on creating a e-book that is precise, short, to the point, and interactive for people who want to build a successful “Victory/Organic Garden” , Has everything someone needs , complete with layout,seed,compost, companion planting charts,and canning & freeze charts , for more info go to
    Look forward to helping anyone we can , take care and God Bless.

    Graymatter – a big Saaalute back to you friend! Welcome to our board! we are very glad to have you!!! thanks for the link too! we look forward to your contribution here —- and God Bless you!


    Well, it took me awhile, but I finally made it in! Hello to all my old friends and new ones that I’ll get to meet!

    Greetings from West TN!


    it sure did take you awhile – bahahahaha – but we are sooo glad that you are here!


    @PreparedInTN wrote:

    Well, it took me awhile, but I finally made it in! Hello to all my old friends and new ones that I’ll get to meet!

    Greetings from West TN!

    West Tn isn’t all that far away from me. Welcome!


    I am a relatively new prepper.I live in Western NC and have actually been prepping based on my intuition and premonitions from the last 3 years. I just found ‘Patriots’ and ‘how to survive the end of the world as we know it.’ I am seeking about 9 people who are serious, intelligent, educated,and resourceful to join me here. I have an abundance of resources, a lot of water, and fertile soil, souteastern exposure, along with a highly strategic location, and a fortified structure . I am a nurse and psychiatric rehab specialist, animal trainer, farmer, and empath. (not always 100% right about stuff)
    Requirements are; you must be in fairly good physical condition,(no smokers alcoholics,or drugs), mentally stable, have and/or know how to use firearms, willingness to work hard (not lazy), a cooperative mindset and not too many encumbrances. ie; young children (under 10 years old), disabled family members you’re responsible for(sorry).
    A big plus if you are medically or military trained, have construction, gardening, food storing skills, employed or have financial resources, and/or have been stockpiling supplies.If you meet these requirements please contact me at,


    Welcome, farmergirl! Sounds like you’ve got a great set-up! Too bad I’m as far away as I am, as you’ve made a VERY interesting offer.


    Welcome farmgirl! Make sure to check into the NC Preppers Forum here on the mainpage of the forum (all of the state forums are down at the bottom) as well as the North Carolina Preppers Network and let people know about your requirements and what you are looking for!

    we are super glad to have you as we can certainly learn from you! make sure to also check out our Dear Littledoc forum….Littledoc is our resident doc and could probably use a nurse!!!

    thanks for finding us and joining. i think that you will find a lot of like-minded people here. if you have any questions – just ask! someone will be able to answer!


    Hello, I am glad to of found this site, not only to learn about being a prepper,
    but to offer Gluten Free foods to those who can’t store regular grains.
    I first was introduced to long term stoarge by a group, when my sons joined a black powder group 10 years ago.
    Being from Iowa, we canned alot of our foods, so I was prepared when Y2K came and gone. Then I started to
    relize that it was good to have it on hand at all times.
    I am a gluten free dry food manafacturer, our plant is certified against any wheat products, a client of my
    called me one day and asked us to do a certified 72 hour kit for Celiacs, so we did. Our new site will be up in
    a couple of weeks. Our soup mixes use freeze dried products, served with a can of our meat, you can feed a
    family of 5-6. I am interested in offering giveaways here and learning more. Teri


    Welcome Teri – and thank you for sharing information about your products. Please let us know when you have your site up so that our members can check it out!!! have a look around our board and let us know if you need anything!


    Teri, don’t forget to post on the Iowa Preppers Network Forum.




    ImgFlick – Welcome to our forum!!! we hope that you enjoy it here! have a look around and let us know if there is anything we can do!


    Hey Teri & ImgFlick! Welcome to the forum. Have fun!


    Hi! I snooped on & off for several weeks as a guest but today was able to spend 5-6 hours in forum … and barely scratched the surface! 🙂 You guys have done an amazing job and thank you for pulling all these wonderful resources together. Bill & I are in Tucson for now but looking at small personal farms w/ personal orchards in the midwest (East or NE TX, SE OK, Southern MO or NW AR is our goal). Just put our home up for sale (FSBO) and hope it moves — things are selling here – for now anyway. Altho AZ is absolutely gorgeous we’re too close to border, too much drought here and no well since in town, and most of my kin is back home in TX. We’re both in the preparedness industry (as you can guess by my id) but due to Bill’s many years of battling serious health issues we’re about 7 years behind where we wanted to be by now. But … we’ll get there as we can one step at a time. Looking forward to sponging as much data as possible and contributing where I can! Stay safe out there, j (Janet)

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