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    Welcome, Prepper in the Dust, psimation, and Anomin8ed! Glad that y’all have introduced yourselves! There’s lots of information, here, but PLEASE be sure and add your input, as well. I’m sure that y’all have skills/knowledge that the rest of us could learn from.



    welcome from SE Georgia!



    Hello, from South Carolina, I have had a prepper for 30 years , but it’s hard when your spouse is’nt in the same mind frame of what needs to be done . in todays economy it’s hard for a family to save or preppare, for tragic times when we are in them now . WEPONS,WATER, FOOD,SHELTER,MEDICINE,ELECTRICITY,COMMUNICATIONS. Always have more than one location, DONT put all of your beans in one pot, be ready to defend or be ready to move. I could go on but I am not.



    Welcome, Noid-noid! Good to have you here. DEFINITELY know what you mean about it being hard to prep when the spouse isn’t on the same page. I’m STILL working on mine. At least he’s OK with SOME of the things I want to do, but I have to come at it from an economic standpoint…”we can save XXX amount of money if we do such and such.” Hey, as long as I can get things done, I don’t care HOW I have to approach it.



    I am new from Kansas.



    Welcome, rob26!



    Hi all, newbie prepper here. I’ve been watching the site for some time and just never got around to joining. I recently began (within last six months) gathering supplies in preparation for the – well, who knows what, right. Hubby is still a bit resistant but he humors me. Last weekend attended a rain barrel workshop and learned how to make a rain capture system (quite useful in the Pacific Northwest) and am excited to put to use. Here’s the thing though, during the rainy months (many) what the heck do we do with the water we capture? I mean, don’t need to water the yard with it, hubby thinks I’m crazy to want to use it to flush toilets. Have a couple of houseplants but the volume will far exceed that need.

    Anyway, happy to join and look forward to interacting with everyone!



    Hello, I’m interested in joining a group that has the same foresight I do, as far as being prepared for any contingency. Let me know if their out there…Thanks



    Welcome, lllanaghan and dches2007!



    New to this site. Have not chatted on line before and am very uncomfortable (fish out of water) with it; but am desperate to converse with others that believe we are in difficult times and we need to act. I am interested in economics, energy, environment and learning how to be more self-sufficient. Have moved from city to country and am having some difficulties adjusting. My strengths are economics and finance, I am trying my hand at gardening and am making rookie mistakes but moving forward. Any suggestions of where to start would be helpful.


    Hey all thanks for making a great place to learn even more. I am looking forward to getting to know many of you (if I dont already). I am a recent new resident to NM, so I feel a bit out of my element. Loved moving from Ut. Way too much going on there!

    Take care



    Welcome, Grnacres and Wilderness_Ready2011!

    Grnacres, as to your gardening question, WHERE you are located makes a BIG difference in the advice that would help you, as climate/conditions vary so widely. A good place to start would be with your County Extension Agent. They can give you advice about different plant varieties that would do well in your area. Also, they can tell you if the soil in your area is generally acidic, alkaline, neutral, etc. That knowledge will help you to use the proper amendments to improve your soil and have the optimal pH balance for growingthe plants you select. (zZSome plants prefer a more acidic soil, some prefer a more “basic” soil, while others do better with a more neutral soil. Wherever you are, though, one thing that will help is to work in plenty of compost to help build your soil structure. It will help sandy soils to retain moisture better, while loosening up clay soils.



    I am so glad to find this forum. I am prepping alone as I know no one of like mind in my area if NW Ga and SE TN . Need to communicate with others from this area!! Have been prepping for almost 2 years.



    Welcome, Twsno6! You’re not alone any more…you’re here with us! Also, be sure and check out the state forum for your location…you just may find fellow preppers closer than you think!



    A big warm Arizona howdy to all our new preppers!!! Glad you found us and look forward to learning and hearing more as you all get settled in. Grnacres (and any others) .. don’t worry about never chatting online before. Until I found this place I had never participated on a forum .. but this place is so darn addicting and friendly – I jumped right in. And now they can’t shut me up! 😀 And if you haven’t yet, pop by your state forums and say Hi there too. itsa

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