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    I’m a new member to the network and I appreciate all the work that has gone into this web-site. I hope to learn as much as possible from all of you guys. Hopefully this country will turn a corner soon and return to more sound financial doctrine. But, I’m not holding my breath. Thanks again.


    I began my prepping journey by looking at our national budget deficit and insanity in Washington. My impression is that our country is zooming along out of control and one day we will wreck although it might take a while and we don’t know exactly when that crash will happen. I also loath politicians because what I see is that they would rather send this country and all of us over the cliff rather than agree on something that might help us all. They are so busy making sure the other side looks bad and doesn’t win that they can’t unite and do what is best for our country and its people. Deep inside I started having a stirring that I need to be more self reliant. When the crash finally happens, our whole world will change and we all needed to be ready to make radical changes in our lives in order to survive.

    Part of my plan for survival is to find and get to know other like minded people to build friendships so there can be relationships and even community after a WROL SHTF type world. I am near Metter GA which is about 75 miles inland from Savannah GA so please contact me if you are near and want to chat about prepping or homesteading.

    Also- I am kind of near the coast…. hopefully I wont be flooded or the new madrid fault wont blow… but if it does I will need to bug out from my home to further inland and to higher ground… I will be packed with food supplies ammo and weapons and looking for a prepping community to join so please dont be shy about saying hello!!! *G


    Hello to all,

    I stumbled on this blogsite, quite by accident, while looking for a way to buy water storage drums (e.g. 55 gallon variety) without having to pay more in freight than the drum’s retail price.

    So far, from what I’ve seen here, there may be some homebrew alternatives, at a much lower cost.

    The second thing I’ve leared is that there is a NAME for what I am (we are) – preppers!!! Why am I surprised? I should’a figured as much. I’m glad there is a place for this, now I don’t feel so all alone. I’m from the northern part of Michigan’s lower peninsula, and have a close circle of like-minded friends that want to “get started”. This will certainly be a place I will have them visit and join.

    Thanks in advance for help and support from all of you who are now my friends (or will be), since a friend is just a stranger you haven’t met yet.

    Off to join the Michigan sub group forum section……



    Welcome, cschaeff!

    As for your water storage drums, one thing you might want to do is check with your local Pepsi/Coca Cola bottling company. They get the soda syrup in 55 gallon drims, and you can frequently purchase the empty drums from them for $10-$15 or so. (depending on your area–where I was in PA, they charged $10)

    You will have to pick them up and wash the dregs of the syrup out yourself, but for that price, who cares? It is by far less expensive than buying online and paying shipping!


    Welcome new members!


    Hi everyone,

    I am a new member (obviously) and have been a “hobby” prepper for a few years now, meaning I’ve collected a few items here and there but never went full out with food storage. Today I decided we needed get more serious and I stumbled on these forums while looking for gamma lids.

    I’ve been homeschooling my kids for 11 years and actually own a small homeschool business which allows me to work at home. I own a small hobby farm in Colorado and raise chickens and ducks. My education/work background is in animal science and toxicology.

    Anyway, that’s a little about me and I’m glad to be here! 😀



    Job finding the forums. Sounds like you have a good start! There is so much info here. Take your time and read read read. Ask any question u need to. The search function will keep ya busy I promise. Just type a word in and BOOM!

    Once again welcome from SE Georgia!


    Greetings from Baltimore, MD. I probably will not be posting a lot but would like to network with like minded people in the area. To find out more about me please visit my site, American Christian Defense Alliance, Inc. at

    I look forward to networking soon . . . .

    Until then. . . .

    Be Blessed and Prosper in the Lord Jesus Christ,

    2Tim 1:7



    Hi Guys,

    I’m pretty new to prepper-dom, I’ve been listening and learning for about two years, I’ve been learning pretty much on my own. I have some prepper friends but they are a pretty tight group amongst themselves and unless you live among them you dont really belong. I’m really excited to start learning from this site! I’m a working mom, have 2 daughters, husband travels a lot. I want to be able to take care of self and daughters in case something happens and my husband cant get back home for a while.

    Thanks for this site 😀


    Hi My name is Jeff and I’m from Ohio. Been prepping for about 6 months.


    A big warm howdy from AZ to all our new members .. and welcome!! Hope you’re all getting settled in okay and snooping thru the archives since tons of great data here (and awesome peeps!) Also, if you haven’t already done it, consider stopping by your state forum and say Hi there too. 🙂


    Hello from a wife and mother prepper in Alaska, We have been slowly working to get off grid. we are enjoying the process. I like to knit, crochet, read, dogs, cook, bake, and camp.


    Hope I put this in the right spot. another newbie here. Name is Steve. I’m a HAM radio operator KD4KOC and will be joining that group as soon as I figure out how. I’m in southern Arizona and have already joined that group but looks like not too many people there. I live about 20 miles from the mexican border as the crow flies. Been south of the border several times scouting for possible refuge. Cartels are not much of a problem if you know who/where to stay away from so that is a viable option when tshtf. I do some prospecting around the local desert and wherever I may travel to. I have my 25′ Arctic Fox fully stocked and ready to go. Thats MY go bag. Also a retired US Army Master Sergeant so I know a little about roughing it. Hope to meet some like minded survivalists/preppers and contribute whatever I can to the group.


    welcome new members!


    Welcome from SE Arizona!

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