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    @edprep1958 wrote:

    Hi all,

    Here in CT, we’ve just been through a freak October snowstorm that many of you must have heard of by now. 900,000 + without power for up to 2 wks. That’s been my motivation to reach out and find out more about how to better prepare for such situations.

    Looking forward to some interesting exchanges here, and locally. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

    welcome Ed I’m Bruce the Moderator for the State of CT forums here on APN.. When you get a chance Come on over and say hello to the gang..


    Ello’ from Tucson, AZ! And Thank you for the great network and resource! I see many weeks ahead of late nights gazing into the Monitor playing catch up.
    If your in my neck of the woods please hit me up and even if your not but your interested in or want to chat about preppin’, hiking, gardening cooking, hunting, fishing, paintball or just living the good life!

    Be seeing you all around I hope!
    Desert living is good living!


    Hey DesertLiving, welcome from Cochise County!


    @Maxinbarton-45 wrote:

    It is my first time on. Call me max. I have been a prepper for along time but would like to learn more. My specialty is mechanics/welding. I am making gasifiers right now. Woodgas. I run my generator and cars on it. I will be happy to share all I know and give personal instructions or demos on how to build stuff. I do not know how to post picks or video yet but will learn how and post my prodjects.

    Hey Maxinbarton,

    This is High Hopes, you better know me as the guy who had the Llama?? Great demo a few weeks ago!

    Glad you found the site, I am not on it very often these days, always something to be doing…

    Any way, just wanted to say welcome… I think there may be a local get together being planned soon.


    Greetings from Tucson to all you new preppers and welcome to APN!! Glad you all found us and look forward to seeing you ’round the forums. 🙂


    HAHA High Hopes good to see you. yes i got an email about the meet up. This is a great place. Met alot of nice people.


    Hello Preppers!!!!! I am new to the network, (kinda) just had to create a new account (hosed my other one or something? 😳 ) LOL. Anyway I look forward to getting to know fellow preppers. I am in Kansas (North Central) and also joined the KPN.


    Hello from Southcentral Alaska-and yes, I joined the Alaska subforum 🙂


    Welcome from SE Georgia!


    Hello! Glad to be here! Will be living off the grid by the end of this month!!!! YAY!


    Howdy fellow prepers. I’m new to the site but have been prepping for years and am glad to be associated with like minded folks. I’m in NE New York with my family and have a plan to bug out with friends to Vermont to a camp on the lake. Food and water needs are pretty well met, looking to start solar/hydro energy production projects. Hope to hear from y’all soon. -AF-


    Welcome Trooper keep your feet and knees together!


    Good afternoon everyone. I am new to your site, but not new to being prepared for things life can throw at you. I have a solid background in being capable of protecting my family and insuring our survival. I am open to new ideas and sharing what I know with others. I am hoping to meet new like minded people, hopefully some in NW Washington state/ North Idaho. Feel free to message me as I will be checking in throughout the day. Thanks S


    Greetings to all,

    I have been in survival mode for almost 6 yrs now, I`ve found out in times of need most people just say poor me, why did that happen to me,
    I need help, I don`t know what I`m going to do now. I`m a beliver in knowledge and teaching and if you dont use it you lose it.There are so many things to do,and not nearly enough time. I have lost most of my survival storage due to the flood in North Ms, house included, We wont rebuild,we are in the process of selling pretty much all we rescued from the house. I took the money and bought a nice camper to live in.I`m an over the road truck driver
    out of work because of an injury that happened during the flood in May, I started a web site about the lake I live on my site is I would like to hear from you all its nice to have found this site, maybe I can teach something you may or may not know but I`m sure I can learn something


    hey there..

    finally found yall.. I am new to prepping and oh so behind apparently.. (and of course crazy if I talk about it) .. but here I am to get information, share information and network with people in my area.. I am from North Louisiana, live in the country and have a long way to go to get ready..

    This is all overwhelming to me to be honest, and to talk about to much will result in men in white bearing white coats or worse..

    Glad to find you guys here.. so when SHTF I will be prepared (to the best of my broke ability)

    GREETINGS from the sticks


    birdwatcher 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 796 through 810 (of 1,273 total)
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