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    Welcome to APN


    hello member from south central bama.Live in a rural area where i also grew up .40’s mom and nanna to 5 wonderful grandkids,3 of which we have custody of and raise.I love canning ,drying foods,jellies,bushcraft,hunting fishing and way too much more to go into now,,lol,,Blessed to have been raised the way we were ..Grandparents didnt know what they were teaching then just may save our lives soon..looking forward to learning from all of you and sharing things that i may be able to help others with,,we have to stand together….


    Hi, my first post ever…
    I have always wanted to be a prepper, i just didnt know what it was called.
    This is serious to me, not tryin to just get a man or date.
    I am perfectly fine with being a single prepper, so i am
    looking for likeminded people…I would not object to love…
    I want a harley around, preppying in my life, manogamy, i dont drink, 50’s style household,
    i usually get props for being a rocker…
    Im very doemestic, and resourcefull, i have alot of knowledge on herbs, and want to work more on
    the homeopathic area, for health for all…
    i am not looking for a church group,
    i have alot to offer,


    @BDB wrote:

    Hi, my first post ever…

    Welcome aboard!

    If you haven’t already, check out your state forum to start networking with others in your area.

    Another resource you might find useful can be found in the threads here –


    Hello everyone. My name is John. I’m a 20 year retired military man. I’ve degrees in history, political science, and education. I’ve spent decades doing historical reenacting from Mountain Man, French and Indian War, and Medieval. I do primitive camping and hunting (pretty good with a Long Bow). I”m a damn good shot (use to be a federal officer and rated as a sharpshooter). I live in SW IA but seems I can’t find any preppers in my area or even the state. Well, just wanted to say hello. I’ll talk your head off about global economic collapse later.


    Welcome aboard GaiusFlavius!


    Hello, I am a Wife of a Trucker, Mom and Grandma. I am the only one in our family who takes prepairing seriouse. So it’s all on me. I came to this site to get idea’s on what I need and how to store it.


    Hello from Tennessee.

    I’m Sylvia, been prepping and living simply for many years. I’m here to learn what I can.
    Thanks for allowing me to participate!


    Good Afternoon, I have been doing some prepping for about a year now. I was glad to find your site and was wondering if there are any preppers in the Hampton Roads area of South Eastern Virginia?




    Howdy from AZ to all our new members .. and welcome to APN! If you haven’t already .. consider popping by your state forum at viewforum.php?f=36 and say Hi there too! 🙂 itsa


    Hello! I am so glad to have found this site. My husband and I are 30 year old newbie preppers (2 years) and have so long to go! We don’t have anyone around to talk to about our preps, hopes, fears etc. Thanks for being here!


    newbee, just found site and like it.


    Welcome all from tacoma. For thoughs that want to meet others of like mind check out your state groups. They all have a discussions on the topic of meet and greets.
    If there isn’t one close by to you start one.
    You will be surprise at what can be done when one trys


    @GaiusFlavius wrote:

    Hello everyone. My name is John. I live in SW IA but seems I can’t find any preppers in my area or even the state. Well, just wanted to say hello. I’ll talk your head off about global economic collapse later.

    Hi GaiusFlavius, wheew that is a hard name, I’m not Roman. But I like John. Check out the IA State section of the forums. I would like to hear your thoughts about global economic collapse, and the causes. I am very sorry to say, with these fools in power I believe we will soon be living it.


    Patrick from central NC. Emergency Medical Care Instructor. Great site!

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