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    HI I’m Dave from Washington, the good one, the state. I am looking for other like minded people to network with in my area to survive what ever may come our way. The government would do better to get rid of FEMA, homeland security and the like and support this kind of community based disaster preparation/security. Looking forward to learning and growing in this area and I am glad to have found this site.


    Welcome to APN preppercounselor & moreinfo4me


    Hey everyone ,
    From SW volusia county Florida . Im a Firefighter paramedic and have seen the down turn and of things to come . Im new at this and would like to know more . any one in the volusia county , florida area ? :gunsmile: :ban:


    Welcome to APN from NC firemedic


    Hi from N.C., Glad I found you guys! The wife and I have been talking about this for awhile now and I was looking for a good place to start. Thanks. Looks like a great forum!



    Welcome to APN liv2fish20. Be sure to visit and join our state board!


    Lady Phoenix

    I am prematurely late to the idea of prepping but deadly serious none the less. I will appreciate each and every one of your ideas toward preparing my family located in several different locations for a time when we will have to defend ourselves and live by our resources. I want to be able to know that when the time comes I will not have to worry about their safety even if they are thousands of miles away. :gunshooting:


    Welcome to APN Lady Phoenix


    My name is Len and I live in New Jersey. I am new to prepping and interested in meeting local people.


    Howdy preppercounselor, Dave, firemedic, Ted, Lady Phoenix and Len (and any others I missed!!) .. and welcome to APN! In case you haven’t already, consider popping by your state forum at viewforum.php?f=36 and say Hi there too. 🙂 itsa


    @North Idaho Patriot wrote:

    Welcome to the American Preppers Network Forum! We hope that you will enjoy our networks. We are here to help. If you have questions, concerns, or ideas, feel free to contact myself, MatthiasJ or any of our moderators by sending a private message or you can post a message on one of the help threads at the bottom of this forum. Don’t forget to also support your states home page by going to (yourstate) or your states forum (yourstate)

    Thank you and welcome aboard!

    Thank YOU Bob! It’s great to find people who are like-minded. I’m new here as of today and look forward to meeting & sharing subjects. I’m also new at prepping but warned people over 20 years ago about stocking up. They thought I was nuts 🙂 Have a wonderful day!


    Hello from Mid Shennandoah Valley Virginia. Have been looking for something like this forum. Have been prepping for a long time and educating myself to do things without electric and to prep for defense. Love to garden and can what I can. Love camping. I will check out the Virginia information. Delighted to have a lot to read. Artwork5


    Bull here from Lewis County Washington


    Don’t know if I’d be considered a “prepper”. I have, however, been studing “survival techniques” most of my life. My dad taught me to set snares and traps made using materials at hand in the woods when I was about ten. I recently purchased a Bushmaster AR15, .223, in M4 configuration “just in case”. To quote that song made famous by Hank, “a country boy can survive”. I grow a garden every summer, am a pretty good hunter and fisherman. I live near the coast of NC and not far from the Black River. I make knives, build small one man boats, and am a fair hand at being a carpenter. I grew up “making do” so some of the things preppers do is natural to me. Saw the show Doomsday preppers on TV a little while ago and here I am.


    New here and having a bit of trouble figuring out the site. (I’m a bit techno-challenged.) Looking for preppers, survivalists and the like to further educate myself and others. Don’t really have cash to offer to others, but a lot of skills and experience not to mention odd talents which will undoubtedly be useful to myself and others when they’re needed. Skilled in wilderness living having lived in a tipi in the wilderness for a couple of years, in a log cabin on the back side of a ranch for two years thereafter. Skilled in electronics, communications, shooting, mechanics, some construction techniques of vintage origin and so on. I’d like to start talking with others and making plans for the eventuality of the SHTF. Hope it doesn’t come, but….

    Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from others.

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