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    WOW, This is an awesome site… I look forward to learning more and preparing my family for survival… :gunsmile:


    Welcome to APN ReelContender


    @terrywqs44 wrote:

    HI, I am from Tollhouse, California I am starting to learn how to be prepared but I am having trouble convincing my husband. We already live on 5 acres and I suggested we have a get together with our neighbors (4). He didn’t say anything and later said that he has his gun and no body will bother us. I don’t think he gets the scope or the size of what could happen. Got any suggestions out there? or anyone from the Central Valley of California? thanks terry 🙂

    i’m also living in central ca right now. one thing i would advise him is the more support people have the less chance when s… hits the fan, a house hold has to get invaded….people have to sleep some time and that is what people who want something will wait for when they have nothing,


    Hello everyone,
    My name is Joe. I’m 54 at the end of March and have been a survivalist/prepper enthusiast since the 80’s.
    I live in east Tennessee and I am hoping to become a meetup host in the future. Right now I’m in the process of starting over with preparations so I can use all the help I can get. Keep up the good work with the APN.


    Hi, everyone , glad to have found This, my frist time here . I live in Kansas :thumbsup:


    Welcome to APN EnsJoe58 & peggykuhns


    Hello from South Carolina new to this forum but longtime prep per from way back. This looks to be a great place.


    Welcome to APN from NC


    hello all im in the nyc area and am new to prepping about a month or so ,once i look over the info on the site i’m sure i will have alot of questions. thanks for having me


    Just getting started . I have had a feeling for a longtime that some Really bad stuff is about to happen . In watching what is happening in this world today , We have Little time to get ready ! I have been training for the end time for quite sometime ! I have spent years going camping and learning how to live with-out modern living . My wife did not know why we camped with-out all the comforts of todays life . But , Now , I know that we will be around when T.S H.T.F ! I would like to be a part of a community that is near Kansas City Mo.


    Hi, I’m from eastern PA and would like to meet other preppers in our area.Is there anyone in our area? Thanks 😐 Chickenlittle1111


    Thank you for the welcome. I am happy to be here, finally. I’m fairly new to prepping. I started about a year ago before I even knew there is a ‘prepper movement’. I’m in the NE corner of Pa. and hoping to connect with some folks from this area so we can eventually meet in person. I’m equally as interested in getting to know anyone across the country via this forum. I still have allot of prepping ahead of me, so I might have allot of questions.


    Howdy from AZ to all our new members .. and welcome everyone! Make yourselves comfy here and, if you haven’t already done it, consider popping by your state forum at viewforum.php?f=36 and say Hi there too esp if you’d like to meet up with some local peeps. 🙂 itsa


    Welcome, All of you!!!


    Posting from Western Maryland. Thanks for the welcome. My Husband joined the day before yesterday, and so here I am now. :rolleyes:

Viewing 15 posts - 1,141 through 1,155 (of 1,278 total)
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