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    Welcome to APN from NC Forager


    Hi, My names Chris I run a news, links website in Michigan, geared toward preppers, seekers of the truth. I have links on the National Prepareness defense Act, signed into law executive order on Friday by President Obama, it states in a national emergency, the government can take your resources, food supply. Check out the story,video at


    Greetings and salutations,

    I’m a U.S. Air Force veteran with ten years of active duty and ten years in the Guard and Reserve, and two overseas tours of duty: Turkey and Korea. After serving three-and-a-half years as a marksmanship instructor, training Security Police and Law Enforcement technical school students with the M-16 and Smith & Wesson .38, and training Basic Trainees, Officer Trainees, and up until the Iranian Crisis… Iranian officers, I then I re-trained and became a military broadcaster with the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service, serving with both the American Forces Korea Network (…now AFN Korea), and the Air Force European Broadcasting Squadron (AFEBS). I already had experience as a radio broadcaster as a civilian. Later in my Air Force career, I would also broadcast worldwide through the Air Force News Agency, serving as the host and producer of ‘Air Force Radio News’.

    I’ve also been a military journalist, having served as a staff writer for two Air Force Public Affairs offices, located at the Air Defense Weapons Center, Tyndall AFB, Florida, and the 442nd Tactical Fighter Wing.

    I currently provide a YouTube Channel for ‘the newly awakened’ prepper. ( However, you may know me better as the husband of one of the ‘Homestead Honeys’ of “The Homestead Honey Hour”, which airs on the American Preppers Network, Thursday evenings, at 6 p.m. Central.( )
    My ‘Homestead Honey’ is… “Katzcradul”, who has already somewhat made a name for herself with more than 3,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel (

    That’s my ‘thumb-nail sketch’ of an introduction. I hope I can be of service to the American Preppers Network, either through ‘voiceover work‘ or writing articles. Both my wife and I have a sincere desire to assist as many people as possible in preparing for the situations, both natural and man-made, which are ahead of us. Feel free to stop by my channel and drop me a private message, or you can contact me right here on APN.

    Paladin Prepper


    Hi, so glad to find others who are willing to be prepared. Am looking for preppers in the Castle Rock and Franktown area. My kids think I am crazy, I am willing to look to look at the big picture and do all I can do to help myself and others survive.


    I am new to the world of Prepping. I have been watching Armageddon shows for some years now.
    I have been developing some survival plans for my family and was searching the net to find some supplies and came across this forum and couldn’t help but sign up.


    Welcome cnewland, PaladinPrepper, Hollyg59 and Everglades Forever. Don’t forget to join your respective state groups in order to be able to connect with people who can help you.
    Glad to have you here.


    I am from Lacey, Wa. Spent 29 years in the United States Army (Green Beret) Special Forces (SF) now retired and have always been a prepper but still have a lot to learn. There are many of us SF here in Washington State especially around Ft Lewis WA. However we like to stay under the radar as much as possible. We are quiet professionals in an out of the military. Just joined the web site looking forward to learning more on how civilians have been preparing for emergencies.


    Welcome to the Forum All!


    Hello to All!!! I guess i will introduce myself….

    My name is Aaron and i am new to this site, but been a survivalist enthusiast since i was a kid. Ever since i watched movies like “Road warrior”, “Mad Max”, “Damanation Alley” “The day After” and an assortment of B movies about post apocalyptic life, I was hooked. Me and my roomie (who is also my best friend of 30 years) both grew up with the same fascination of post nuclear life. Even as teenagers, while other were playing dungeons and dragons, we created an entire role playing game based on a road warrior theme, had hundreds of hot wheels, some custom painted with small left over model pieces glued onto the hot wheels to resemble road warrior era cars and vehicles, we played that for years. Had hundreds of pages of information, details on New America, cities that were devastated to wasteland clans (now this was in the late 80’s) before the internet and this new doomsday realization, people are interested in now. So I have been an avid enthusiast since i was a kid, but in the last few months, me and my buddy have been gearing towards prepping.

    Now we JUST started prepping in the last month or so, haven’t had the means or were married or with kids, now that both are divorced, his daughter is grow up, we have geared towards an uncertain feature. And now, we seem to have a small network of friends (thanks to facebook) who feel the same way. Have a buddy who is getting his Federal Firearms License and will be a registered arms dealer, have another group of friends who just recently have put on the table an idea of building affordable survival shelters for whatever disaster (man made or natural) that will be int he future. (check out viewtopic.php?f=172&t=22375) that is the link to a post i just posted on here under the survival catagory. The friends who are interested, range from fabricators to construction, to excavation and heavy machinery for clearing land and digging holes for shelters.

    So not to get off track, but me and my roomie have started doing research online, reading up on a variety of things and information, and both believe strongly that some “THING” is on the horizon. Our society is too interdependent on a system of things that we believe is a house of cards. Our economy, our society is dependent on technology and connected to our comforts entirely too much, and our dependency on oil and other resources is an Achilles heal in our opinion. We see a growing trend since we were kids in crime, common respect for one another, impatience with other people, the government controlling every aspect of our liberties and freedoms, making wars with other countries to protect big business’s deep pockets and a million different other reasons. Everything from our ever changing weather (hurricanes, tornado’s, extreme weather everywhere increasing in frequency and severity) to our ever growing debt is a major sign, some THING is on the horizon, and we want to be the wolves, not the sheep when SHTF! and we want to protect what is ours and survive the coming bad times.

    Me (Aaron) and my roommate (Eric) are looking to meet new people, start connecting and networking with locals and others cross country. We believe, strength in numbers, and to really survive the coming uprising of crap, we want to make sure, we are there when the dust settles, and the world crawls out from the rubble, and to do this, I think having a network, increases our chances and others. We both are very dedicated to this cause, in our late 30’s, very outdoors type, into cars, offroading, mudding, hunting, camping, shooting along with being super creative and resourceful. We live in the Pacific Northwest, Near Tacoma, Washington (state not DC), about an hour south of Seattle, 3 hours south of Canada, 2 hours east of the Pacific ocean and 2 hours north of Portland Oregon. Both born and raised here in Washington, we have backgrounds in Construction, Retail, warehouse, fabrication, production, automotive repair and maintenance. I (aaron) have a Class A CDL,We are wanting to find local and national groups of people to become a part of, learn and prepare. I look forward to getting to know everyone!! Feel free to send me a message, lets chat!



    The prepper thing is a new take on self-reliance isn’t it? I am all about preparing for things but there is only so much a person can do.


    A big howdy to all our newest members from the desert southwest .. and welcome to APN! (And lee1sfga – thank you for your service.) 🙂 itsa


    So many NEW members! Welcome to you all. If you can’t find it … just ask or use the SEARCH button 😉 -k


    Hello All,
    I want to say to everyone. I am working on an idea where you can generate power with out use fuels. I got the idea from watching you tube videos on compressed air engines. I have 8500 watt generator running on compressed air. This idea makes more sense than anything I have seen. So for I have had running a week without any problems. I run it at 60 duty cycle.


    Just wanted to say hi! Me and my husband are new preppers and overwhelmed at the moment. There are so many companies selling kits vs doing it our selves etc. Looking forward to being more self reliant. Any help welcomed!


    @Prepper2012 wrote:

    Just wanted to say hi! Me and my husband are new preppers and overwhelmed at the moment. There are so many companies selling kits vs doing it our selves etc. Looking forward to being more self reliant. Any help welcomed!

    Welcome aboard!

    It can seem to be overwhelming at first, but we were all there once before, and many of us are eager to help out newcomers.

    So my first piece of advice – don’t buy a store bought kit. Chances are, you can build one yourself for cheaper. If you are seriously looking at buying one, post a link to it here in either the “BOB’s & BOL’s” forum or in the “Survival Gear” forum. This way you can get some other viewpoints on the kit itself.

    Once you decide to put together your own kit I recommend carefully reading this series of articles –

    Another good primer to help you get started on a food & water storage for your home can be found here –

    You also might want to check out your state forum and say hello there as well. Best way to network with others.

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