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    I’m new to prepping and have run into my first irritating issue. It’s not something like money or space or deciding on a bag. My problem is that I cannot figure out how to open dialogues with my hard-headed and close-minded family members. My cousin and her husband, whom I live with, have a closed-mind toward prepping. My cousin is a little more open to the concept of prepping and she understands that I am starting small. My first step being the plan to create one or two adult BOBs and one for the kids. She is a nurse tech and an EMT who is going to school to become a nurse. She believes that if there is an emergency situation she can trust her husband to get the two children to safety while she reports either to her hospital or the nearest hospital that she can reach. I commend her for wanting to help everyone by reporting in to the hospital and saving lives. I don’t understand why she would trust her husband to come up with a plan on his own but there is really no reason not too. I just have some trouble trusting him to handle some things because he is such a typical male of our age group.
    Her husband is another story entirely. He makes me crazy with the way he cannot seem to see anything that does not mesh with the way he was raised. I was raised in a very different way, unconventional by almost all standards, and the way he shuts down everything makes me irritated for hours. Just last night while we were all watching tv together he was being dismissive and angry over the different religious thoughts and backgrounds in the show. This is with the knowledge that when he came in his wife and I were already watching a show literally about the differences in national cultures. He takes the same approach with prepping. I was talking to him about it this morning and his only concept of prepping was the over-the-top expensive preps. He actually told me that he didn’t see the need to prep because he couldn’t afford a fallout shelter and if there was something like nuclear winter he wouldn’t want to live in that world anyway. I told him that I was more interested in prepping for things like natural and man-made disasters. I mentioned having to leave the house or travel on foot and he told me that he would never need to leave his house and he wasn’t worried about walking because his wife has a jeep with four-wheel drive and he can get through anything.
    I have similar problems with most of my family members and cannot figure out how to open a dialogue with them. Most of my family either seem to believe that nothing bad will ever happen or that they will be able to just get in their car and drive to the next town and buy a pizza.


    I too am new to prepping, but since I was inventory specialist; I inventory all my food weekly an always look for the bargains and coupons on what I eat. I was also in the construction field for years and learned a lot about building. Just recently I took part in building a 2-floor log cabin kit from start to finish. I’m always looking on line for solar, wind and natural ways to get off the electrical grid. I also have friends that communicate with me on the old ham radios. The people I work all say I’m crazy. But where’s the first place they come to us if they can.



    Jarl Vjklander

    A couple years ago I was talking with Joe and asked the following: “How many people, in 1988, thought the Soviet Union would no longer exist in a year or two?. A lot of people may have wished for that, but in the entire world there were maybe 2 people who thought that would happen”. The difference is, the USA and Europe were there to bail out Russia, there will nobody to bail out the USA.

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