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    Hey ya’ll

    I’m pretty new to canning, and I just got done canning about 15 lbs of potatoes. (i went ahead full bore and got a pressure canner). I really just have one question so far…

    after they are done and come out of the canner, there is less water in each jar than when I started (obviously) but my question is, should I be worried about the potaoes that are not always covered by water or not since it is under a vacuum?

    The 7 pints I did a week ago seem to be holding up just fine.


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    I have both kinds of canning equipment. I have a canner for veggies and now a pressurized one.

    Here is my probably dumb/ignorant question. Can I can veggies and other items in the pressurized canner and if I can, which are the best to can?

    Books only tell you so much and the reason I would rather ask then go off a couple books that seem not to say the same thing.


    Hi all. Ok. I did it. I broke out the canner today. I got my first batch done and I have some questions 😕 and could really use some guidance/reassurance.

    I have an All-American (no gasket, metal to metal seal) pressure canner that I used for the first time today to can 7 quarts of green beans.

    1) The canner weighted gage never “wiggled” or “jiggled”. It hissed and spit throughout the canning session. Some water/condensation came out at the weight but no wiggling or jiggling. The pressure gage read 10lbs (the whole time I was timing) so as long as the pressure gage read 10lbs is it ok that the weighted one never moved around?

    2) I had some leaks around the rim. I sealed down those black screw things very well. But it still leaked around some. Not a ton, but enough to make me worry. I’ve searched online for this and can’t find out if this is common or ok. I finally found a spot in the owners manual where it said that this may happen the first time or two with a new canner but I guess I’m still nervous and want some reassurance that it’s ok. Again, the whole time I was timing the pressure gage read 10lbs and pretty much stayed there without fluctuating so am I ok?

    3) Already heard about 3 pops and the jars have only been sitting/cooling about 30mins – 1hr. Is it “normal” for them to pop/seal so quickly? It says to let them sit 12-24 hours to cool and properly seal. I guess I’m suprised to hear the pops already.

    4) Beans are floating towards the top but they are slowly “falling down”. Is this normal too?

    Sorry for so many questions, which may seem like silly ones to experienced canners. But I’m terrified of doing this wrong and causing botulism or something. LOL. I have another batch of green beans I want to do tonight but nervous to do it until I know that all these issues are ok.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read my long post and to respond. =+) Have I told you lately that I LOVE THIS FORUM?!?!?


    :help: OK – some might recall that I have a real fear about canning-particularly pressure canning (childhood experience). Today I decided was the day i was going to give it a try. I had frozen tomato juice last summer from extra garden tomatoes. I started cooking the juice down, along with the ingredients my DMIL uses for homemade ketchup. I have read, read, and reread instructions. To the best of my knowledge I followed as closely as I possibly could. So far, not one of my jars have “pinged”! 😕 When they came out of the water bath canner, I thought the lid notlonger looked “raised”. Can they possibly suck down while still in the canner?? 😕 ? I’ve tried to go over every step in my head, and can’t think of anything I didn’t do. I have noticed that some of the rings are no longer tight. I tried to do what the ball site recommended and “finger’ tighten the ring–not hand tighten . But, I don’t have great finger or hand strength. Could that be the problem? The jars have been out three hours and are cooling down. I think I should have heard something by now. When I do remove the rings, how much pressure do I put on the lid to see if it is sealed?
    Not only am I TERRIBLE at homemade noodles, now I might be a canner loser 😯
    Any advice is WELCOME!


    Hi all! New to the forum, and I am about to purchase a pressure canner. My mom gave me her water bath kind. Any suggestions on favorite brands at a reasonable price? I’m looking at spending around $100. Thank you so much for the advice!


    Oh this is so stressful and yet I thought it would be easy ! I have canned 3 batches so far ( ground beef & bacon ),it seems I cant get my gage on the cooker to stay at the lbs it suppose to be 😕 . It will jump around between 10-15 lbs….and I keep adjusting the temp to try to get it to stay but with no luck.I even had to start over half way through because it went under 10 lbs,now that was a pain to do :angry: . Im wanting to do this so bad,but babysitting my canner ever 5 minutes to check the gage is not what I had in mind. :shakeno:


    hello im new to canning and would like to know what is a good starter kit for a beginner at canning im wanting to learn as much as i can i bought some books on it but having a little trouble understanding them if anyone can share some advise i would really appricate it thank you and be safe

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