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    I live in the Seattle Washington area, 20 years old. Im concerned like most with the worlds economy, and im waiting for the US debt bubble to burst along with the US Dollar. I have not yet been able to prepare myself much for this yet, and i am expecting to move out to a new location somewhere in the central US. I am very interested in the views of Ron Paul, and very much think that if the country is going to become subject to this economical meltdown that he would be most suited to deal with it as he is the only one that is facing it at the moment.(Im sure the rest of Washington knows there just trying to keep this going as long as possible.) Even if he was to not become president i think that he would be a good Political figure to follow as the years progress after an event like this so Im interested in the Texas location as where he could be found as a good leader. I also have a relative in Texas making it a good location. I also am drawn to Colorado as it is a mid way point, in high elevation as this could be important in other cases. I am mostly here to make connection with people to help form a sort of community because that is how we will not only survive but thrive. I have a lot of ideas that id like to share with people.

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