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    I am Ron I grew up in Michigan learning to hunt and fish then went to the military I have moved around a lot since I got out but my primary job has always been a diesel mechanic. Ive lived in okc for 4 years now I really don’t know a lot but I started by getting chickens 3 years ago. This is my first year to try a large garden so far it has been a good success on that. I have a lot of guns since they intrest me I just started putting together a get home bag and finally bought a 3 day survival bag for the house I have very young kids so bugging out really is not an option I will have to stay put so I am trying to learn more skills about urban survival and using the little land I have available I have been looking for a group of people with the same intrests but I have noticed that any time I goto the survival section of the store to get something if someone was there they are now leaving before I can say a word to them I know people are shy and don’t want others to think they are crazy which I don’t or they simply want to remain anonymous also

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