New to site,Not to prep lol.

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    Mark cantor

    Greetings all,

    So introductions ok, Well I just crawled out of the wood pile /And/or The supper T.O.P SECRET No girls allowed cause they got kudies Bunker. Then had to hike a vast number of klicks/ miles/ pretty darn far,To get to this computer you know OPSEC YEA, So far in fact that girls are now allowed in the bunker cause me lika da girls.

    OK, with that out of the way, For real i am a prepping dad with no sense of humor,I got some stuff, I got some skills and am looking to find like minded people. I would like to find a M.A.G or Group and help make it better because i am not a useless eater lol. Lets see if this can go any were, Mark

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