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    Hello all, new to APN and just like that I have a place with likeminded people where I can be myself without ridicule. I have been prepping off and on for years. Not always my first priority, but it has now come back to the forefront. Due to all the things that have been happening around the US and the world it seems to me something need to be done on my end. Also living in tornado alley it always been a good idea to have some things like food, water, and other items that will help when one rips through this area. Also in the last few years ice storms have been a new norm and that sucks not to be prepared for that. Me and my wife went through one about 7 years ago and was totally not ready. Hopefully we are better prepared for the next one. There is a whole lot more I need to learn and understand the importance of learning as much as I can while I’m still able. Thanks.

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