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    Hi everyone, Ive been reading and lurking on this site for about 2 months. Just got the nerve up to register. lol….I am probably the least prepared, but I hope to learn a lot from you all. I ran across a article for this site, on Newsweek, I believe, and I was hooked. I think I spend more time on this site than any other site on the web. I am currently in Texas, but I’m from Iowa. We have to be here for work. Hubby might have 2 more years down here. We are currently in an apartment, but are looking into getting a 5th wheel camper if we have to stay longer.
    I was worried about prepping in such a small space, but I’m sure with yalls help Ill figure stuff out.
    Ive already started putting things away, extra food, water, medical supplies etc. Ive got a plastic tub full of stuff already. Hubby was able to give me a hand and get a few things from work for my tub. Respirator masks, wipes, a couple strikers for starting fires, however I did make some of those cotton ball and vasoline tender things yall talked about…lol…I even went on the balcony here at the apartment and tested it out…with a cup of water for safty….lol they worked like a charm.
    I also have a police/fire/weather scanner, a tazer, I dont own a gun yet, we still have Iowa license so I might have to wait until I go back to Iowa.
    I need to put up more food and water for sure. Lots and lots to do…but thats why I’m here with all you wonderful people, to learn. I’m so glad there is a site like this open to everyone. From the 2 months of reading posts here, it seems like yall are a great group of people…take care

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