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    First some intel on myself:
    23 years old
    married; my wife is 22 years old
    we have a 2 and a half year old daughter
    live in Wayne county

    Now for my prepping history:
    I’ve been interested in self-sufficiency for my whole life although haven’t had much luxury to try it as my parents are very modern and they wouldn’t last a week without all the amnesties they currently have. Student loans have kept me and my wife from getting a place of our own so we live with my parents in a small cul-de-sac with only .48 acreage. I’m currently unemployed (company got bought out by competitor and shut down the plant) and am going back to school full time for an associate’s in biotech.

    I’ve been reading on the survivalist boards forum for a few years, but only have been a member for about a year now. I am one of those who plan and read and am only capable of getting a handful of supplies once a month, especially being unemployed. By next spring we will have paid off 3 debts freeing up more than $400/mt and I will graduate college and possibly be able to get a decent job with it. My priority is to buy land, I got one plot a couple miles down the road that would be near perfect for me and my family but in our current situation it will be impossible to get.

    My main purpose of joining is to get to know local preppers. I always hear others talking about ‘groups’ and I’ve never met a single other prepper in my life. Honestly I didn’t think there were really any in NY, and if so I thought maybe a dozen at most. Boy was I wrong. Plus, I’m starting to plan for my own personal gardening for food and thought rather than getting generic information, perhaps like-minded local folk might be able to give better tips.

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