Next Rhode Island Meetup (Ongoing discussion)

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    Hi folks,

    It was great meeting so many of the RI preppers at our first meeting. I’m starting this paricular discussion thead for discussing future meetings, since every meeting will have another meeting afterward.

    Sunday worked for five of us, and will probably work in the future, but we need to see if there is a better date and place. Please suggest other dates and locations that might work for you… I’m pretty much open for evenings and weekends with adequate warning.

    I think the general discussion and socializing is invaluable, but I won’t object to some kind of organization to the chaos either. Lots of topics we can preplan discussing, and I’ll toss out ideas if no one else has some.

    So, anxious to meet with y’all some more, so let me know when you think would be a good idea.

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