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    I have ran across something I thought was a little odd. I am trying to find out information about my local NOAA weather station. I think the freq is 162.525Mhz. I went to the FCC data base and did a search for the station. NO records found. Tried widening the search to all of the NOAA channels in a state wide area. NO records. I conacted the National Weather Service in Norman. I found out that the stations are community owned. Don’t know what that means. I did find out that the stations voice is generated in Norman and send out by POTS. This is a little low tech but most likly reliable. I am trying to locate a source of emergency information from FEMA or the state emergency operations center. The NOAA stations are a part of the EAS system.

    Well here is where it gets weird. I asked for the location of the station. I was told that is was close to the town of Arapaho OK. I again asked was the lon & lat of the station is. The reply was that the information was not availbe to the public. What is so top sercet about this information. This is the only public broadcast station that I have run into this on.

    Just thought it was worth posting.

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