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    There is a movie called “After Armageddon” about a couple who lives in the Los Angles suburbs when TSHTF. The husband is an EMT, who had done some level of preparedness. The movie followed their struggles as they got out of LA and worked their way to Idaho. It appears for an Urban or Suburb Prepper to accumulate enough supplies, be able to defend them, and to withstand any long-term collapse would be very hard. We are offering a place for Urban, Suburbs and other Preppers to withdraw if a natural collapse or manmade collapse happens. We call it a Safety Center.

    Our approach as somewhat like Noah’s Ark – When TSHTF, we believe every city will cease to work and the people will pour out of the cities looking for food and resources. If you have food and resources, you must be able to defend it. A family or small group may not have enough resources or be able to defend them against a group of hundreds or thousands. You must be part of a larger group. That is why we have creating a Safety Center. Our Safety Center builders holds a common vision, which is not based on religion, politics or economics – it is to have a Quality Survival
    At the 11th hour, when the cities fail, the Preppers that have been associated with our Safety Center will grab their bug-out bag (BOB). Hopefully they will have a dedicated bug-out vehicle (BOV) loaded with their food, resources, guns and head for our Safety Center. They can live anywhere within driving distance of Oregon.

    They will know where the Center is located and what is there because they have visited and worked at the Center. They have brought their own “housing,” because there is no permanent housing at the Center. All the builders and supporters of the Safety Center live elsewhere. We invite all people to visit the Center that bring their Tent, Van, Camper, 5th Wheel or RV. There are no monetary fees.

    The Center in located near the Oregon coast close to the Pacific Ocean; therefore the winter is mild and the summers are cool. Our Safety Center location was selected to be defendable and totally self-sufficient for about 85 families for duration of any collapse. It is not planned to be anybody’s home for the rest of their lives, but only for the duration of the collapse, be it one month, 1 year or 5 years. When things return to normal, families would return to their homes.

    We have an existing well and a major stream running through the property for water. This is in addition to a major river full of Steelhead and Salmon, which surround the Center. The river also serves as our natural “moat.” Our Center has an abundance of fish, elk and deer for meat. We are planning a smokehouse for preservation.

    Even with public electric power, good well, dammed stream, septic system, old farmhouse, and barn, we are planning to be totally off the grid with solar hot water, solar electric, micro hydro, ethanol plant, greenhouses, and outdoors ovens. There is access to all the needed wood for heat and cooking.

    We have 60 acres of farmland and a tractor for orchards, wheat, corn, sugar beets, vegetable gardens and bees.

    Most important aspect of our approach is that no one comes to the Center without being invited. There are three (3) locked gates, a natural moat and no public maps. To be invited, one must attend our free two (2) day Off Site Annual Fall Meeting. At the meeting, each person is tested for their Survivor’s Talen]ts, Attributes and Gifts. (TAGs) With this information, we have the ability to determine who wants to talk about an economic collapse and who wants to prepare. If you want to see or take this free test, it is available at:

    We know from personal experiences that by understand a person’s TAGs it makes it easier to solve problems. From personal experience, we have seen it solve problems in: marriages, families, business and communities. By using the TAGs tool, we have already created an Oregon Coast Peaceful Preppers community on the Oregon Coast, who supports and provided the resources to get the Center started, but there is a lot more work to do to make it a defendable and self-sufficient community for 50 – 85 families.

    We are not aware of anywhere this approach has never been tried for preparing for a collapse. So, we are willing to take the TAGs tool and find others who are interested in building – (Noah’s Ark?)

    Remember, the Ark was built by amateurs; the Titanic by professionals.

    We invite any Urban or Suburb Prepper to join us. Any feedback, comments or suggestions to our approach are appreciated.

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