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    Howdy to all, idahobob here.

    Some of you may know of me from the old (still there) APN site, and some may recognize me from some other forums around the ‘net.

    We (DW and I) live in the mountains of North Central Idaho. 85 miles from the nearest COSTCO, fast food restaurant, movie theater and just about any kind of shopping. We LOVE it!!

    Started prepping in the 70’s, expecting the collapse to happen in the 80’s. Weeeeel, I didn’t happen. Went back to sleep to what was a goin’ on around us until about 8 years ago. Been prepping like mad (within budget constraints) since then.

    I don’t get real specific about what we have or what we are doing. Really, y’all shouldn’t either. OPSEC, ya know.

    Currently, my favorite fishing river is pretty much frozen, so steelhead fishing up here is out of the question…..for now. So to help pass the time, the DW and I are studying up to take the tests for the Tech and General Amateur Radio license. Like the saying goes. “If ya haven’t got comm, ya haven’t got jack”. The ability to communicate, not only locally, but around the country and world will be of prime importance during ANY “emergency”.

    And also sine we are suffering from the overindulgences 😆 of the holidays, as of Saturday, the first, it is back to my “food nazi” weight loss program, and physical conditioning program. YUK!! But necessary!

    ’nuff for now,



    we recognize ya Bob and we are glad that you are here!


    The more Idahoans the better! If we can’t take back America soon, then I look forward to someday voting for a president for the Constitutional Republic of Idaho.


    Bob. Born in Cottonwood ID myself and the offspring of Idaho County Pioneers.


    Hey Bob, good to see ya!


    Hey, Bob, good to have you on board.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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