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    After posting in Washington/Idaho border area and receiving several replies (all men) Oh My :blush: (fun with little faces)

    I realized I needed to clarify some information. One I am happily married and my man is a real man and an extremely serious prepper. No brag just fact and his post crisis skill sets and inventory proves it. We have no other family to be concerned about on our end so that is another above the board clarification.

    Anyway we have been contacted by several pleasant people and will of course wait and see as we ferret out information with no real great expectations either. Been there…done that. Like I posted for us we have over two years of supplies which are designed to provide for us with no re-supply during that period. It just makes sense to us doing much less or working with others with much less begins to question why do it at all? There might be some food and other items available in trading but that brings with it a massive increase in danger due to exposure to others. In a nut shell, planning now to increasing the risks of danger then is counter productive to survival. In fact personally we are looking to make it through most events with minimal eternal contact outside our conclave of well stocked “like minded” preppers.

    Nothing is perfect, no one is perfect and life is not perfect. We are not seeking perfect people and in our opinion neither should you. We feel honesty, group commitment and friendship can and will span many reasonable short comings. So if you are well stocked, wanting to work alongside others day and night during the duration, able to finish rounding out those things you never knew you would need and unencumbered with non prepper family and friends you might drop us a note. We will not sit down and chat over coffee without knowing a whole lot more about you and I would expect nothing less from you either :shakeno: . Let us not waste each others time as we are very concerned time is something none of have much left of now. KISS

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