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    OPSEC being so stringent, this topic is almost unattainable, but, I believe it’s time for this to happen. My MAG group has been in the shadows for seven years. We’ve had member leave, retire and even ejected. We need more members for all the obvious reasons. Just like some of you and your groups do. Unless you’re a super-prepper and plan on weathering every $#!t-storm that comes your way. We’d like to try and at least meet and greet other groups in our AO. Not to bring them into our group, which is allowed under our Articles of Confederation, but at least acknowledge each other and to demonstrate a lack of threat and aspirit d’coeur with them, if not to combine assets and resources. Safety in numbers right?
    In other words, “If you ain’t goin’ to join us, let us be friends.
    Our group covers a terrority of M55 north to the bridge. And we know that there are a few militia units in that area as well as preppers. I don’t care if you’re just a non-violent agg collective planning on feeding your community or a strictly militia group fulfilling a constituional duty, we want to meet&greet.
    The condition, though, such groups and ideologies that are not “invited”, include; Marxists,
    Globalists, Communists, Fascists, Communists, Nazis, Islamic Jihadists, Earth
    Liberation Front, PETA, etc., or any group or individual demonstrating by their
    speech, practices, or writings their embrasure of those beliefs and values within the
    various ideologies mentioned above in this exclusionary example.

    I’d like to see how effective this forum truly is.
    Individuals or reps of groups in the northern lower Michigan peninsula can respond here on the feelings of such a proposal.

    NMV~ Semper Paratus

    How say you, my fellow preppers and patriots?

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