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    This is being held today and Sunday. There is more info on face book but I don’t FB so can’t link to it or tell you what it is. They are asking $5 for enterance fee.

    My take-
    For their first event I think they did a really good job. You can tell they put some time into planning- have people dedicated to parking, using commo between the event staff. A+ for organization.

    They are running a gun raffle with a 10/22, DPMS AR, a Riot shotgun and The newer Kel-Tec bull pup shotgun. The odds were pretty good compared to gun raffle where thousands of tickets are sold. There are other raffles as well.

    So, I spent my time there talking to a lady about essential oils. She is local. Spent a lot of time talking to the guys at the black smithing site- wealth of info and very helpful about building/improvising forge, anvil etc. they had some folks making yarn and using looms which I watched for a while. They had an old steam engine tractor giving hey rides- very cool. Talk about and EMP proof technology!!! I sat in on a building a first aid kit lecture which was okay. Basic but if one was just getting into prepping it would have been really good. Boy Scout there demonstrating cast iron cooking. Got to see some folks I haven’t seen for a few years and even better yet got to meet a few new people. Over all it was worth it to me and I hope they do it again! I believe it was sponsored by the local Oath Keepers but not sure on that.

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