NW FL colony and i mean NW the panhandle

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    I am going to be starting a colony in NW Florida around the panhandle area mainly Fort Walton area. I have a few good people already been doing preps but really want to remain unknown for now and alot of people in this area that are all interested in some kind of support network. Anyone interested please let me know maybe a few otheres will encourage them to not be scared to talk to people about these things. I know alot of people that get looked at like they are crazy and it really discourages them and I would like a support group to help keep each other going when it seems everyone else is againest u or looking down on you. Eventually soon if we can get enough people to have accasional meetings where if a few people can’t make it cause of work or kids we would still have enough people to organize meetings where come when u can there will always be someone there to help or support others but I can’t do this on my own with other responsibilites any ideas people someone let me know

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