NYers planning to stay or go?

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    My fiancée and I are planning to leave NY for the Gulf Coast (probably LA or TX & I’ve already been razzed for saying that!) ASAP — really don’t want to see another New Year here. Where we live in particular is ridiculous for starters — Staten Island (NYC) — home to the world’s largest landfill! Almost 1/2 a million people but everyone still knows all your business. For instance, if we were to try to buy any guns here, we’d probably get at least a 1/2 dozen phone calls w/in a week! Gun laws here stink and people are crammed on top of each other in nasty little condos and townhouses or 4000+ sq. ft. homes they put on a 50’x100′ lots. Now they want to build a giant ferris wheel (like the London Eye) which will enter and exit onto — get this — a tiny 2-lane street that runs past the worst projects on the island in one of the highest crime police precincts in NYC! PURE GENIUS!

    But what really convinced us that we needed to get out of here was 9/11 when we found out just how quickly, efficiently and thoroughly they could shut down this city. No way out — period! I don’t know how it is where the rest of you NYers live but wondered — are you planning to stay here or trying to move elsewhere like us? And those of you who are planning to leave — where to and why?


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