Obama Impeachment

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    Steel Boss

    Hey guy’s and gal’s ! I’ve just had some information shared with me from a buddy that I thought would be interesting for the site, considering most of us are preeping cause we’re worried about how our country is being ran. And if it’s already been brought up I’m sorry, but I havent seen it. Obama is in the first steps of being impeached, and yet the main stream media havent said a word to the people about it. Look for ( Obama’s Impeachment ) on youtube. This video is conducted off of a government web site, and shows the page to go see it yourself. The Bill is H Res 107 I think is what it said. Ya’ll take a look at it and see what you think for yourself. Shocked me because they already started it. Guess they’re scared he’s going to get re-elected. Man, things are getting bad folks ! If you wanna keep up on current events in the Gov, there’s a station I listen to called 101.1 The Source. Really great station with people who care about this country. Ya’ll check’em out ! :gunsmile:

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