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    i know we have covered this in the military section before but… i feel like it needs to be covered again for a few different reasons.

    ok evryone knows im a active paramedic working for the civil service/department of defense. I have been thinking alot lately about What happens if… scenarios. It’s 27 miles to work for me, with 2 gates to get through. I keep a vehicle bob in my truck or car of course but im not as worried about that as i am the difficulty i would have getting off of post and home if tshtf. I’m not talking about a hurricaine or a tornado or flood etc im talking about you know boom or be advised the governor has issued… type of stuff.

    sigh… sorry it has just been weighing on me lately. my job is to help people and i would do so until the need for me to be with my family outweighs the contractual obligation i have for work.

    ok im done lol.

    (didnt mean to go off on a confusing tantrum)

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