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    As a follow up to this thread Obligation viewtopic.php?f=734&t=9100

    I wanted to post this latest effort by a New York State Assemblyman to make a statewide database … all the easier for them to rounds us up.
    As an L.P.N. for over 25 years what has worked in the past for me when there is a travel ban & I really wanted to get to work I just showed my NYS nursing license which has no pic nor finger print, my work i.d which has my pic, & my driver’s license to the police. Twice I was escorted to work place.
    I personally think that the reason why there was a staffing shortage during the Snowvemeber was simply because medical personal couldn’t make it through the up to 6 feet of snow. Or they felt they were needed more @ home.

    BUFFALO, N.Y. — There was no shortage of snow during the November storm, but it did create a dangerous shortage of medical personnel at area hospitals.

    “Unfortunately, the first night of the storm I got a call that my mother passed on,” said Assemblyman Mickey Kearns, D-Buffalo.

    Kearns would spend the next three days stranded at the Our Lady Victory nursing facility with short-staffed medical personnel. Just a few miles north of the storm, hospitals were also feeling the effects as roads shut down making travel impossible.

    “It was challenging getting the personnel we needed into the hospital to care for people,” said David Pierce, Millard Fillmore Suburban chief medical officer.

    For those who made it in, Kaleida Health spokesman Michael Hughes said it was all hands on deck.

    “For those who could get to work they stayed four or five days straight,” he said.

    Having experienced the shortage firsthand, Kearns says it’s time for a change.

    “I thought to myself, what could we do to change that? We have a designation for veterans, we have a designation people who are organ donors, I thought why can’t we have a designation for licensed medical personnel that needed to get to perform those critical services in a major snow storm?” he said.

    From that storm, Kearns proposed what he hopes to be new legislation. In a letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo he proposed the Department of Motor Vehicles place special designations on the licenses of medical personnel and the creation of a statewide database, allowing law enforcement to identify them in emergencies.

    “If you can do it safely and you have something that says ‘I need to get to the hospital, I need to be there to care for patients.’ I think that’s a great thing,” said Pierce.

    Kearns said he’s currently working to drum up support for the designation that would be optional for interested medical personnel but that it could be a game changer the next time a storm hits.

    “Those licensed personnel that need to be on the road or find a way to get them in to provide those critical services, it has to happen,” he said.

    – See more at: http://buffalo.twcnews.com/content/news/797123/assemblyman-proposes-medical-personnel-travel-exception-during-emergencies/#sthash.6HCvVDaI.dpuf

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