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    Yesterday we had a large family yard sale with my sibling and parents. We set up on some public open space in the county at a large intersection. In 2008 the local PD was chasing people off the site but we had no issues despite about 14-15 sellers and the attendant crowds being there. I made some observations while there.

    (edit) First we were not hassled by the PD this time. I theorized that with the uptick in crime given the changing demographics in the area the cops had other fights to fight. I also theorized that these sales are becoming so frequent as people are slowly “going Galt” in small ways when it comes to boycotting the economy and taxes. Unfortunately, nobody else in my family of sheep can really get this so I kept these comments to a minimum. (end of edit)

    I got to see the free market work. I sold about $40 bucks of stuff I had no use for- books, redundant tools, garden produce, clothes, etc. I bought from other sellers. I bought a practically new Carhartt hooded jacket for $20. I got Crystal river fishing vest, a rugged denim forage bag, and about a dozen Rigid and Klein tools for $16. I pretty much broke even but I actually came out ahead because I valued what I acquired more than what I sold.

    My produce sold out immediately. When you consider the fact that I had no time for canning this coming week and that the produce would likely have been spoiled, I made great use of a resource for profit. Additionally, since my return on investment for produce is so high-maybe $20 for seeds and starters, some garden maintenance, and all the free fertilizer my compost and rabbits can make for pounds and pounds of tomatoes, then the margins are even higher, thus I sold them for a song. Try getting various heirloom tomatoes w/o sprays for $.50/lb at the grocery store in my neck of the woods. Good luck. Another example of how market economies are driven.

    Finally, I talked to many people yesterday with tales of woe. Their homes were foreclosed and they were downsizing, unemployed, etc. Yeah, I live 50 miles from DC under a governor who is all to happy to whore himself for federal entitlement money and to raise our taxes yet even in the most affluent state, per capita, in the US, the slow recovery is not even to the starting line let alone running the race.

    This was not planned well by myself or the family or I would have sold more and tried to get silver or bartered goods; however, I learned or reinforced many things yesterday.

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