Off Grid? Really?

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    I believe that people should do whatever they think is in their best interest. I’m not looking to start an argument…

    But once again I got taken in by someone’s “Off-Grid” thumbnail on “U” Tube. Generating your own power is certainly off the central grid, but if you get too extreme about alternative power generation, you’re not truly “Off-Grid” you’re on your own Mini-Grid.

    Maybe there is another term for what I mean, but to me “Off-Grid” means that you’re willing to live without electricity for the most part. Is there another word for this concept?

    I’m no purist. If you want to burn 5-gallons of gasoline per month, or pedal a bicycle generator or put up a Couple Solar panels so you can run your TV and VCR occasionally, or charge a Chess Playing Device or even to light a few strategic LEDs—hey that’s cool.

    If you are largely turning your back on much of the modern world—how much turning are you doing if you need to take most of your electric devices along with you?

    If you really think that society might totally collapse, it probably won’t be back in your lifetime. Having an elaborate cotton-candy and ice cream machine in your generator shed only postpones the inevitable.

    I remember Ragnar Benson writing that he had 3-freezers a generator and 2-spare generators and he intended to make extensive use of his his freezers after a collapse. How long would a freezer last if you could do basic repairs? 5 to as much as 15-years? That would give you the time to look around and make other plans.

    But all I see are folks who seem absurdly pleased that they generate their own electricity without ever considering how sustainable it is.

    So anyway, please let me know your thoughts.

    Saxon Violence

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