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    Often times a call for action does not take place until something terrible happens close to home. This time that something was not close…it WAS home! We had a scary day when we were not able to get ahold of DW’s aging parents after the storms and tornado that swept through their area. Turns out that they bugged out! lol and were safe and sound several hours away at another relatives.
    Once our fears were extinguished my thoughts turned toward my prepper community friends. Although we here on these forums are by far more and better prepared to handle these situations than the average sheeple, just one look at a 100% destroyed home tells me that no amount of preparation could make a person ready to deal with the aftermath with zero help.

    A.N.T.S which stands for Americans Networking To Survive is growing and adds another aspect to our already ongoing preparations. If you are like me and thought it was a neat idea but were not ready to jump on board yet perhaps you will also be like me and these storms changed your mind.

    The website is laid out nice and has some pretty nice links to explore regardless of whether you join or not.


    Also for you rare 1%er’s that really could handle anything thrown at you with your prepared home, BoV, and BoL or folks like me that were unaffected THIS time….It’s a great way to shine by helping those that want to help themselves when SHTF in their own lives.

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