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    Hello everyone, my name is Mikey! I am a brand spanking new prepper and have just barely started my journey of preparedness. Like many I am following the advice of those who have gone before me. Taking baby steps with everyday prep. One small piece of this journey is bearing arms for safety and hunting. Currently i own zero guns but i hope to remedy this in two days with the purchase of a .22 rimfire rifle. Even if i somehow do not end up purchasing a rifle i plan to borrow one or rent one from a shooting range for the purpose of attending an Appleseed shoot with one or more of my teenage children ( i have three at ages 13, 15, and 17)
    What is an Appleseed shoot you ask? Well here is the link:
    http://appleseedinfo.org/” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false;
    I myself am in no way affiliated with the Appleseed shoot, nor have i ever been to one. After reading all their information I feel it fits in perfectly with my plans for preparedness and in teaching my children a skill along with some history. I also feel the price is reasonable for 2 days of hands on training at $70 dollars for me, and all kids are free.(defined as under the age of 20)(also note active duty military is free and some other folks may qualify as well) This includes all the targets and range time along with some t-shirts and history lessons/stories. I will be packing a picnic and if enough other people attend maybe we can make it a potluck on one or both days.
    Saturday is the “important” day with all the training and history talks with Sunday being the day to increase the rifle skills and catch up the folks who could not make it Saturday. (this is for every Appleseed not just the one i have listed)

    Currently I am planning on attending the June 5th and 6th event in a little town called West Jefferson Ohio. The range is not the prettiest i have ever seen but has lots of room and very friendly staff. The link to this particular range is here:
    http://www.bigdarbycreeksr.com/” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false;

    Why am i posting this? Simple…Another small part of my baby step preparations is networking and finding like minded people to learn from and maybe even teach my few skills to. In a worst case scenario If we have to leave our home of the buckeyes I want to take some folks with me! Safety in numbers! LOL
    In all seriousness though, as much as i enjoy these forums and websites, there is no substitute for making real face to face connections and friendships.
    Are you interested but the weekend of June 5th, 6th is not viable for you? Post it here! Along with the weekend you would like to attend and it’s location. If we generate enough interest for any given time or location i will move my own plans. (but we need to do it soon cause i plan on saving $10 by pre-registering!)
    Also these Appleseed shoots are nationwide and i am going to copy/paste this post into the national forum as i am quite willing to travel out of state if enough folks are interested in one single event that is do-able for me.
    Ready to learn the skills of a rifleman? Lets hear it! :gunsmile:

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