Ohio Minuteman Militia is recruiting

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    Hey there fellow preppers and friends alike I just wanted to let you know about the OHMM , We welcome ex military and civilian alike we want to protect our family ,, friends and property should the SHTF , We want to be there if needed should (God forbid) a disaster strike to lend a hand and help in a support situation ! We do not discriminate in any way and are NOT a hate group in any way ! We are just looking for like minded people if you are interested here’s where to find us ..


    I myself am in charge of the Central Ohio Group (Marked in Yellow) which is the 3rd Brigade !

    [attachment=0:dlhrzahn]OHMM 3rd Brigade area.jpg[/attachment:dlhrzahn]

    If you are in the area marked in yellow and are interest in joining 3rd Brigade please sign up here


    I look forward to hearing from you ! My name is Tom

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