Canning Jams & Jellies at Home

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    I emailed Ball jar company and asked them if it was safe to pressure can in the small jelly jars. I had wanted to can Italian Sweet Sausage for sauce later. The representative wrote me back and said it was fine to pressure can in jelly jars, they can take it.
    Also someone a while back asked if Jars weakend with use and the representative said no. As long as you have no cracks or nicks a jar is good to go and does not weaken with repeated use. Nice to hear it from the ‘horses’ mouth’ as it were.

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    We canned Strawberry jam yesterday, it turned out to be soup. :cursing: Heres what we did. 1 Used a blender on pulse, instead of a potato masher to crush. 2 Though we were doubling the batch some how quadrupled the amount of strawberries. :angry: Instead of 12 1/2 pints ended up with 24. 3 Put in two boxes of pectin, and enough sugar for the double not the quadruple. Questions; Can we put it back in the pot add more two more pectin and more sugar ? We only use powdered pectin. As I understand it the pectin is a thickening agent, so if it sweet enough do I need more sugar as well ? I know this soup /syrup could be used as it is but we wanted JAM…. :rofl:


    What’s the feeling on re-canning jam? I bought four 4-lb jars of marmalade, and would like to reduce them to pint jars.

    I’m thinking it would be be okay due to the high sugar content (it’s regular jam), but I’ve been wrong before. (Really!) 😀

    [Afterthought} Would it effect the pectin?

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