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    We know that most here are survivalist or preppers, some both. But lets get real; there are times that you can’t carry all your gear and weapons. Say you’re a hundred miles from home and the curtain drops. You left that morning and expected to be back that night. You made it there, but soon after, the lights went out. And after checking different means of power, you realized it happened. You’ve trained and prepared for this, but the ugly truth of it is, it hits you square in the face and leaves you numb for a moment, some will have a meltdown and others rise to the challenge. Their families need and depend on them.

    We all get careless or brainblocked and we only took our day bag, Enough for three days, but no much more. as light as your day bag is, you figure you can hoof-it around 2 mile a hour. Figure the distance and time required. but; lets say in this scenario that you dummied down and only had a handgun and food and your normal array of gear and not much money on hand, and after a few days, that will only be good for toilet paper.

    How does that few hours look?



    Might as well be a sheeple that’s not prepared fo a 3 or 4 day power outage.



    This isn’t the right place for this conversation, but here goes:

    Never give up, and never surrender.
    OK, you are 100 miles from home, and can make 2 miles per hour.
    So, that means about 5 days, reasonably.
    In the first few minutes, you need to be looking at your map, and doing a fast assessment of what you need today to carry with you.
    The longer it takes you to get a handle on the challenge in front of you, the less time you have to actually deal with that challenge.

    The first hour or two, you need to put some distance between you and any nearby threats, and close that distance to home as much as possible. Expend energy while you have time and energy to expend.

    After you get moving, you need to be looking for opportunities to trade those dollars for something that you will need along the route home.

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    Illini Warrior

    almost always the wrong answer for this scenario …

    unless the world was screaming forever about the solar flares to hit the earth and you totally ignored it and went diddy bopping – it’s not a CME event but a EMP blast and a nuke strike somewhere ….

    better be looking for a deep hole – about to be a world of hurt coming from more nukes ….



    The Scenario said:

    You left that morning and expected to be back that night. You made it there, but soon after, the lights went out. And after checking different means of power, you realized it happened.

    From this, we can see three things.
    (1)It is still daylight. (2)The power grid is down. (3)Possibly your car won’t start (doesn’t say this, but why else would he jump to the 2mi per hour with backpack).

    Nothing is said about mushroom clouds. CME’s don’t kill cars, but EMP’s are supposed to (this is not proven, but that is for a different thread.) All out nuclear strike isn’t on the table, yet. I don’t fight wars that haven’t started (even though I plan for them). Fight the one in front of you first.

    Even if an all out nuclear strike is coming, distance from potential threats is still a good thing.


    Illini Warrior

    nukes for specifically producing EMP and strategically taking out the grid won’t be producing mushrooms – all orbital stuff – limited fall out involved –

    but – the repercussions of the nuke genie coming out of the bottle is where all the crap hitting the fan comes in … even if a full super powers nuke exchange is avoided – all the possible tactical hits will be bad enough ….



    How does that few hours look?

    With a mountain bike currently kept in the back of my truck, that would look like a lot of pedaling, and a backpack of stuff stowed on the rear rack. Stopping only to fill up on water and short rests. Home in 12+ hours, or elsewhere depending. To the earlier possibility raised, I won’t be biking towards mushroom clouds. 🙂



    Illini’s awswers are illogical. He is fighting a fight against someone who hasn’t shown up. While a mountain bike would be a massive multiplier, it is also outside the realm of the question. The question would be what you would do, in the situation described. I do applaud always being prepared with something like a mountain bike, however.



    I did respond more fully on this topic before the forum move lost the posts. If I were constrained to walking, with a 5 day best case return time, I would possibly not bother returning home.

    I was speaking to my situation given what I carry. Consider the bike a substitute for the handgun. The latter would be illegal for most people to carry in NJ.

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