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    We know that most here are survivalist or preppers, some both. But lets get real; there are times that you can’t carry all your gear and weapons. Say you’re a hundred miles from home and the curtain drops. You left that morning and expected to be back that night. You made it there, but soon after, the lights went out. And after checking different means of power, you realized it happened. You’ve trained and prepared for this, but the ugly truth of it is, it hits you square in the face and leaves you numb for a moment, some will have a meltdown and others rise to the challenge. Their families need and depend on them.

    We all get careless or brainblocked and we only took our day bag, Enough for three days, but no much more. as light as your day bag is, you figure you can hoof-it around 2 mile a hour. Figure the distance and time required. but; lets say in this scenario that you dummied down and only had a handgun and food and your normal array of gear and not much money on hand, and after a few days, that will only be good for toilet paper.

    How does that few hours look?

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