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    I know that having a grandmother, especially a disabled one, around when SHTF is frowned on, but don’t be so quick to judge. I’m proficient with weapons, having served in the military and law enforcement. I can also grow a garden, can vegetables, drive a semi or bus, and I’m a published writer.

    I just wanted to put that out there because most of the preppers I’ve spoken with in the past are only impressed with exmilitary 20 something men who own an arsenal, have a black belt, and can build a house from a bush with their bare hands.



    Hello Nancy,

    Welcome aboard. Dive right in with advice, how-tos, and skills.

    You’ll find many of us on these forums are older. Lots of experience and fun times.

    I have family in Oklahoma and they are beginning preppers. I coach them as needs arise. 🙂



    There are plenty of preppers that are three times as old as some twenty year old. Many of us have some minor disability, but we carry on, anyway.



    Welcome, Nancy. Many of us here are older, and with age, comes experience. And with age and experience, often come some level of disability. The knowledge and skills you have that can be passed on, however, can easily offset any disability.



    There is nothing wrong with taking care of the elderly. I lost my grandparents on both sides some years back . When I lost them I lost a wealth of knowledge that I can’t get back..

    Anyhow glad your here



    Welcome from your eastward neighbor. APN isn’t based on the stereotype you illustrated. I’d say the median age is “up there”. Some of the most liked characters are even “old”. We are regular people living regular lives who don’t want to get caught with our britches down in an “event”. Whether the event is a snow storm, job loss, or grid-down, we aim to mitigate the effects.
    Chip in with your helpful knowledge, and use the search bar to find info. Most seems to be on the old APN, but we will fill out the new, too.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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