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    There are many reasons that we all need to work together, and there are so many reason’s that our kind are pretty timid on sharing certain things about our little area’s we call home.
    I agree many times over, and security is the utmost and main task you will ever have.

    I have been called, and now just getting back………….. apologize for the long absence…….. It is like I must start all over again, and I tell ya…………. scares me to death…especially the
    past 2 months, and if anything happened tomorrow……. It will be ruff.

    I will start things off, and hope that we can gain some trust and move our State…our community to get better organized and make it stronger.

    Do not list your assets on an open forum… OPSEC (Operational Security)……… PM me so that we can begin.

    Myself….. I have plenty of skills to share, Security,hunting,building,electronics,weapons,water maintenance,first aide/medical treatment, gardening,communications,self defense,organizing,strategic planning and the list can go on. I have been and operator for many years, and will and can be a valuable asset where ever I may lay my head.

    I am here to help anyone that needs to build,learn or teach any of us important task and life sustaining skills. I will help set up, teach, provide my full services so that our community will thrive and come together
    and reach out to each other. I will tell you, doing it all alone is going to be very hard, and with no support_ the elements will take hold and become even stronger against you. A family of four, for instance, security 24 hours, gardening/harvest, building,maintaining, sewer/waste maintenance, cooking, hunting,gathering supplies for fire/food/shelter/ etc….. it goes on and on. If one person gets injured, especially the main person were to go down or even get sick, the whole family will suffer and can die. This is why we must train to be replaced; if our community is to survive.

    The time is upon us, times are more uncertain now, and if we as a community are to thrive, we must come together to build a stronger sense and will to survive and be able to lend a hand in our community.

    I Pledge my services, and abilities to make our community stronger, and to help anyone that is trying to help themselves to become more knowledgeable, and stronger for most anything that we may face.

    We need to build our communities, and link them together so that we can and will push through any elements that my force us to endure, but make us survive.

    Let us all prosper together,


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