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    I just signed up as a gold member of APN this past weekend. We have been into prepping, going on 35 years at varying levels. The last five years have been pretty intense, including founding a local community service
    self-reliance preparedness group in the Bitterroot Valley, with monthly classes/meetings on homestead skills, alternative fuel, medicine, transportation, etc., etc. Our site is http://www.bsoscblog.com. We have had visitors to our meetings, not only from around Montana, but from a bunch of states, even international guests who founded, ARTI (Appropriate Rural Technology Institute) of India, http://www.arti-india.org/, Dr’s. Nandu & Priyadarshini Karve who taught us vast amounts of simple DIY technologies.

    We have a family operated prepper store, also. Our site is http://www.sosgeneralstore.com. We are working with APN to offer some excellent products and discounts to gold members. Though we offer best price guarantee, we also encourage folks to just Get Prepared!…getting their supplies anywhere while they can. We want to see as many people get prepared as possible to be those who will bring about the new paradigm, so making sales to us now is secondary to helping so many who call upon us for guidance.

    I won’t have time to get on here often, but did want to introduce myself. We have done a bunch of innovative self-reliance prep projects, most all of which we have posted much info about on our blog/forum. We always make an extra-mile effort to answer any question people may ask on our site.

    It is gratifying to see that there may be a great number of preppers from around Montana, a really nice surprise in knowing we are far from alone in our little Bitterroot group.
    Happy Preparedness Trails,

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