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    In moving to the homestead, canned food that we had at the BOL is now moved into our house. This morning hubs shared some pear jam canned in 2012 with his old fart breakfast crew and they said it was delicious. The only thing I noticed was it was a little darker towards the top.

    Tonite we opened a quart jar of honey vanilla pears canned in 2014. It had plenty of syrup so no dry top, the fruit still appeared firm and it wasn’t cloudy. The seal made a nice release sound when opened as well. The pears were lightly sweet and not mushy. There was no longer a scent or taste of vanilla though but I think we used extract and not a vanilla bean. We enjoyed them for dessert with a dollop of fresh whipped cream.

    I know it is recommended that home canned food be consumed in a years time but as Preppers we tend to push that limit. Please share your experiences with home canned foods, good and bad. What’s the oldest food you’ve come upon, eaten or thrown out. What did or didn’t do well over time. Inquiring prepper minds want to know! 🙂

    Mrs FP


    I am going through my canned goods. I had some beets from 2013, they taste ok but just don’t want to eat them, so dumped them. I have several jars of chow chow from 2016, none of us liked so dumping that and some banana peppers that were very soft so got rid of those. I am getting jars ready to start canning again. We are eating up the other stuff and its going down fast.
    About time to go get strawberries to put in the freezer, usually do a couple of flats. Last year they were very high, likely higher this year. Need to check out how many peaches I still have frozen and canned, likely need more of those too.

    I am figuring making 42 quarts of spaghetti sauce at least, thinking more pints of green beans this year, I use those in soup, maybe 20 and 28 quarts of green beans. How ever many beets I have will make pickled beets, also at least 19 to 20 jars of relish. Then can at least 28 pints of bread and butter pickles. I want to can stewed tomatoes we really like those say maybe 42 of those too and tomato juice likely 28 quarts. Would like to make salsa if I have enough ingredients to do so. I freeze my corn, hubs likes it best that way. At least 20 to 30 dozen ears this year.
    Hubs will help shuck them so makes it faster.

    And put up whatever else I think of.


    I canned several pints of beans n ham novnovember 2016.taste of ham still there.but beans and ham alike.has lost texture..thinking of dumping remaining jars of it.and go something different.

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