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    Topic name – just a joke ..
    Of course, this salade can eat all …
    salad used for survival in the forest (that’s why I’m writing to the survival of the forum)

    Perhaps you have met in the restaurants of the name “Russian salad” …
    It costs a lot of money, delicious …

    I try to tell you what kind of food …
    – Americans and Europeans do not know how to cook …
    – Even modern Russian citizens confused and wrong are preparing salad… shame and disgrace

    Do you eat pizza?
    Pizza – it’s food for the poor Italian …
    But now eat pizza in all of America, and rich and poor people

    Russian Salad – it is the same thing ..

    – Are you familiar with Russian millionaire? which rests in the ocean on large yachts, spending money …
    He has black caviar from golden plates?

    Then ask him:
    “Do you like Russian salad”? (Soviet Salad)
    You will be surprised …
    Any Russian millionaire prefers “the Soviet salad” and will tell you many stories as he prepares himself and eats

    History, philosophy and ideology …


    There is a legend:

    Russian salad was invented in the late 19th-century French chef Olivier ..
    It is impossible to say how he did it (I’m sure the cook kept secret) …
    “Russian Emperor demanded that Olivier came up with a delicious salad ..
    Olivier was so excited that mixed all the ingredients, he mixed ingrienty in one heap:
    – Simple food (potatoes, eggs, onions …)
    – Rich food (caviar, sturgeon meat … the meat of animals and birds that lived in Siberia …)
    – Then another added bananas, pineapples

    Very funny….
    But such a view exists in the Internet …
    Real life:

    Stalin ordered in 1929:
    – We are building a new Soviet society, in which there is unemployment and hunger
    – We need to teach the people, according to the old Russian tradition, how to cook food from simple ingredients … All products should be natural that the workers were in good health …

    Food Minister Mikoyan, published a book:
    The Book of Tasty and Healthy Food

    This book was reprinted annually in the USSR and is now the best-selling …

    Now for the real “Russian salad” …
    The final decision was formed in the mid-70s, when the Soviet Union had a deficit of expensive products.
    People were prepared from simple products …

    – Lettuce has a high energy value;
    – Salad has few ingredients, which are very cheap
    – Lettuce was used in the Soviet Army;
    – Used lettuce to survive in the forest (that’s why I’m writing to the survival of the forum)

    Russian salad then renamed the Soviet salad


    Russian Salad, ingredients:
    You should have only 5 ingredients ..
    If you read, you have to have more – you cheated …

    Russian called “Doctor’s sausage” …
    I enclose a picture, to make it clear ..

    Sometimes the sausage is replaced by meat or chicken …
    BUT, then it is not “Soviet salad” and “Meat” or “Capital”
    It is less tasty …

    2. Boiled potatoes
    3. Boiled eggs
    4. Canned peas
    5. Mayonnaise

    It’s all!
    This dish in Russia for the poor and millionaires!


    The remaining positions invented the Internet by young people stupid.

    Bon Appetit!
    Try to cook and taste of

    If you do not like – you can blame me all forums ..


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