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    Been prepping for a bit, but I’ve never known any other preppers. I’m looking for some other preppers who are interested in practicing skills, working on prepper diy projects (I’m currently working on renewable energy systems), developing response plans, going to the shooting range, etc.

    If it matters, I’ve formally worked in emergency services as a fire fighter, EMT, hazmat tech, swift water rescue tech, confined space rescue tech, high angle rescue tech, and have worked for county level OEM. More recently I’ve worked as a wildernesses guide and rock climbing instructor (with certifications). I’m happy to teach rope access skills and can provide all equipment.

    I have my own preps (not out looking for a backup plan if you know what I mean).

    I tried joining some Facebook groups, but left after finding out liberals weren’t welcome. I respect other people’s political views (minus racism), I just asked you respect mine in return.

    Anyone interested?

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