Omaha meetup follow-up

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    We had a nice meeting – 8 people present representing 7 households, with 3 unable to attend due to scheduling.

    Talked about various things, including economics, food prep, security, bug-in/bug-out, with several different scenarios among the people there.

    Had a demo of the Big Berkey water filter, water bricks, and the mosin-nagant rifle. (Cabela’s has on sale this week or next for $99)

    There are a couple of guys who are very advanced in their prepping, and a couple of people just starting out.

    Beginning with next months’ meeting, I think we’re going to move into mini-classes, where someone who knows a lot about a topic will present a little class on that topic. We’re fortunate to have a CPA/finance guy in the group, a pharmaceuticals guy, a firefighter/EMT, a nurse, a part-time farmer, so a pretty diverse background group.

    Would love to expand the group, so will post next month’s meeting here for anyone else in the area to attend if they like.

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